core 2 duo e7300

  1. EeksBoks7


    It's my first time, I'm a noob. Guys, I just found an insane Craigslist deal I'm gonna pick up on Saturday. It includes 2 PCs. A Dell Vostro 220s With a C2D E7300 and an HD 8570. The other is a dual x5650 with a GTX 660. The mobo is an Intel S5520HC. I need it to run at least Mojave. If I...
  2. faemont

    Problems installing Lion (Snow Leopard previosuly installed)

    Hi, I'm having problems installing Lion under a previously version of Snow Leopard (10.6.8). The problem is at the installation progress screen it freezes (when 8 min are left to finish), tried 3 times before came here to ask for help. What i'm doing is: Right after snow leopard is finished...