1. roto31

    Possible craigslist find

    Hello folks, I have found a possible craigslist find for a G5 build. It has already had "most" most of the modifications done needed for a proper G5 build. In the ad link to original ad: <> he asks to make an offer. I'm not sure what a...
  2. sugar_chihuahua

    Best silent cooling for Bitfenix Prodigy?

    Hey everyone, A few months back I built myself a version of the CustoMac Mini Deluxe in a Bitfenix Prodigy case. I used the CPU fan and standard case fan, but would like to get the machine silent (or as close to silent as possible!) Would anyone be able to recommend a quiet cooling solution –...
  3. kingofkind12

    Bitfenix Prodigy with Cooler Master 212 EVO

    I ordered both, by accident, a cooler master 212 evo heatsink. I would like to keep my CPU temps down while it is hot during the summer in my room. I also just built a itx case with the Bitfenix Prodigy, i7 (3770) and gigabyte ga-z77n-wifi. Right now I have 2 fans (intake) on the front, and 1...
  4. kingofkind12

    Will this build overheat?

    I'm finally diving in and planning on building a hackintosh. I plan on building one similar to the mid-range hackintosh featured on Lifehacker, the one with the BitFenix Prodigy case. Im a little worried that my build may overheat though. Here is my complete build: Intel Core i7 (Ivy Bridge)...
  5. rogervila

    CPU & GPU Liquid cooling system?

    Hello! I'm going to build my CustoMac using a Corsair Carbide 500r case, and I'm wondering which liquid cooling system for CPU and GPU is the best for a hackint0sh, with tubes, pump, reservoir, and radiators. Are all of them compatible with OS X? which brand is the best? Thank you very much! :)
  6. Chaper

    Cooling Options and Motherboard

    here is my build: GA-Z77X-UD5H i7 3770 Geforce 670 16gb ram 650w power 256gb OCZ vector I have no plans for overclocking. Other boards on other sites have stated that the stock fan that ships with the i7 is more than fine if you are not OCing. I will be working with 3D modeling...
  7. dsiglin

    Critique my cooling design

    Hey guys, I'm in the throes of a G5 Powermac modification (my first case mod ever) and let's just say I'm having to be very creative to achieve the look I want. So I have come up with a cooling solution but I am not very familiar with cooling theory and would love some feedback. I'm attaching a...