cooling advice

  1. newguy

    New to Hackintosh, first computer build

    Hey, new here, I want to make a powerful computer as I am an architect, so using programmes like Revit, AutoCAD, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, I also make music as a hobby so I use Logic Pro X. I have read a couple guides and that different issues arise depending on the hardware so I was...
  2. Riskoph

    Cooling and RGB - Corsair vs NZXT architectures

    Hi everyone, I am currently planning for my first Hackintosh build ever, and as much as possible trying to get everything right the first time (I know, right...). But man does cooling is confusing! I have read some issues with AIO cpu coolers and building guides usually don't list the NZXT...
  3. vitoludo

    Workstation for video: air or water cooled?

    Dear members of the forum, I use my computer exclusively for color grading, and as I'm planing to upgrade my system, I'm doing a little research on cooling both CPU and GPU. I know is a recurrent topic but I'd like to focus the question on video workstations. To be more specific I'm aiming to a...
  4. MistakenLuminary

    Liquid Cooling Question

    First off, this is my first post and I am looking into creating a hackintosh, so hello! From what I've heard from my Mac, the CPU fans only seem to turn on when there is heavy load, otherwise they are on low power or possibly off. Will a hackintosh's CPU fan behave the same way? I am planning on...
  5. nijat12

    Help with G5 Case Mod i7-7700K

    I had to change things up a bit so making a new thread (Previous one was about the PSU mod and after some input and research I think I'm going to put an ATX PSU inside G5 PSU case rather than reuse G5 PSU) So, going to put an i7-7700K (need advice on cooling. Want to go liquid but need to...