1. Markt2017

    Case recommendations mATX build

    I'm looking to build my first ever Hackintosh now that my 2010 iMac is getting a little warm when under load in the summer and has already had one GPU replacement (likely mixture of quality and heat issues). As the machine will be in the lounge room noise is a factor. As I live in Brisbane...
  2. tonymacx86

    Apple Releases 10.10.0 Darwin Source

    As part of Apple's continual commitment to Open Source, they've released the source code of the underpinnings of OS X 10.10 Yosemite, ie Darwin 10.10.0. This includes the xnu-2782.1.97 kernel. If you're interested in the way things work, feel...
  3. Koalaman

    Are any of you willing to pay $40 for Windows 8 Upgrade?

    Well as many of you probably know Windows 8 is just around the corner and MS is offering their "Upgrade Program" is which you can update windows 7 to 8 for 40 bucks. Is it worth it for any of you? $40 is only 20 more than Lion/Mountain Lion so the price isn't terrible. To be honest, I'd rather...