1. Middleman

    [GUIDE] Atari VCS (2020) Console

    This is a guide for booting macOS on the Atari VCS natively. This is probably one of the most fun Hackintosh projects I've done in a while. I was an original backer for the Indiegogo campaign, who after receiving one of the (6,000) limited Collector's Edition systems wanted to do something...
  2. emgilg01

    Help understanding why computer is Crashing

    I ceased using my computer yesterday and today I came in at about 10:42 am and my computer had tried to reboot itself, but it only got as far as the circle with a line through it. I reset it and it booted normally. I have uploaded the console system log. If anyone can offer any insight, I...
  3. osxfan23

    HD 530 stuck after IOConsoleUsers gIOScreenLockState

    I installed Sierra using Unibeast on my PC with intel core i7 6700k, asus z170 pro gaming, tp link n900 and as a gpu i want to use my hd graphics 530. For the post installation i used multibeast and installed the clover boot loader and the hd 5xx driver on my hard drive. Now when booting it...
  4. pepotegg

    Keyboard doesn't work on console mode (using >console on login screen)

    Hi I'm using a fully functional Dell XPS 9350 (thanks to this tool) and I tried to enter the console mode on login screen using the >console trick, but keyboard doesn't work. Even with an USB keyboard nothing happens. Anyone knows why or how to solve this problem?. I have FileVault enabled...
  5. ringterlit

    I have a question about the way the Console now works

    I know one of you bright folks will be able to point me in the correct direction. I am trying to find the boot log in Sierra. I know they are no longer stored in flat text files. I am looking for the post Clover log (I can see the Clover log in Clover Configurator successfully.) I want to...
  6. asusgamer

    FileNVRAM not working

    I have installed FileNVRAM.kext, and now this appears in console: what is problem?
  7. guru2468

    System freezing, continues displaying same screen forever

    Hello guys I've been struggling with some really annoying issues lately. My system has been freezing for no apparent reason. It occurs in many different situations, notably when editing in FCPX or copying data over the network. But I can't isolate any patterns. I've then reinstalled a new...
  8. spurrin

    How would you diagnose this iLok error? "Failure while performing a bulk read from an iLok"

    I'm posting this in the "Audio" forum because I'm looking for help diagnosing the issue, and I figure the people who might know or might be interested are in this forum. I can't remember exactly when it began, but for months (over a year?) I've been dealing with a series of errors (and...
  9. viperouge

    Hackintosh freezing daily, getting worse..

    Hello everybody, I have built a hackintosh about an year ago with the following components: Gigabyte Z77X-D3H Ivy Bridge i5 Corsair Vengance 2x8gb EVGA GTX 760 For the past few months, my hackintosh froze with an increased frequency... from once a week to twice a day (this past week was...
  10. chat84

    ReportCrash[166]: failed looking up LS service

    Hello, In the console, I have 2 errors coming every 10 seconds. ReportCrash[166]: failed looking up LS service ( scCreateSystemService returned MACH_PORT_NULL, called from SetupCoreApplicationServicesCommunicationPort, so using client-side NULL calls. ReportCrash[166]...
  11. ksood

    My hackintosh keeps freezing

    about once or twice a day now ever since i got mountain lion my computer will completely freeze nothing will work everything just stops. I have to hold down the power button until it shuts off, Here is a picture of what i think was the error in console when it last happened, does anybody know...