1. Piero2411

    Catalina and Fenvi T-919 bad paired

    Hi everyone a few days ago I took a new nvme SSD for my hackintosh to install Catalina and increase performance. Unfortunately, I'm having several problems One of these is related to fenvi T-919. Bluetooth works well. I can use bluetooth mouse and keyboard without problems. The real problem...
  2. awesomeepicguy

    Ping Fluctuations.

    Hi guys, I first wanted to thank the community here for helping set up an almost perfect hackintosh! However, in the past few days I have noticed a recurring problem with my ping. When constantly pinging a set server, the ping goes in a cycle where the ping is normal for 2-3 seconds then spikes...
  3. Nyak

    Rosewill N900 Connection Keeps Failing

    For the past year my otherwise perfectly functioning build has intermittently suffered from a network problem that I don't know how to fix. My computer loses internet connection completely when other users, specifically our Apple TV, are streaming. We have an Airport Extreme functioning as our...
  4. DarioPro18

    [Solved] Network and Audio Problem

    Hi! Today I build my first hackintosh. I read the installation guide for Sierra 10.12 (the last version from the Mac AppStore) I installed macOS on my hard drive and didn't work properly for 2 reasons: No internet connection (I saw many threads for multibeast drivers but he didn't work) No...
  5. Cordovich

    Internet Working Very Badly

    Hello, I installed Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 and I have the TP LINK WN8200ND Working with "Wireless Network Utility v2.0.2 and Driver Version v1028" when I run a test on the Mac the ping is "70 - 120" Download speed "1.5 - 2mbps" and upload "0.5mpbs" and on Windows7 I have ping "40-50" Download...
  6. hqrmful12

    Hackintosh Yosemite Ethernet Problems

    I just successfully installed yosemite on my computer today and everything is working smoothly and i got the ethernet to work but after a good 5-10 minutes it stops working. It isn't my wifi because all of my other devices work. I have to restart my computer everytime to get it to work for...
  7. brownknee

    Weird story involved.. internet stopped working

    I've been running my hackintosh on Yosemite 10.10.1 with no real issues for over a year. Im using: -GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK -CRUCIAL BALLISTIX TACTICAL LP 8GB (x2) -I was using a gtx 760 graphics card, but I started having issues with it and had to RMA it last week. Waiting for its return now. As...
  8. Spencer7220

    Everything Works EXCEPT iMessage

    Everything is working except for iMessage. Including the App Store. I can download free apps just fine. (I haven't tried purchasing yet). Whenever I launch iMessage, it shows that my account is 'inactive.' It won't let me log in to iMessage and instead will spit out an error. It seems that most...
  9. Quake3d

    Need help for network card

    Hello My main board asus z87-pro and have Intel I217V Gigabit LAN..multibeast driver works 100 mbit...when i switch to 1000 mbit on network settings I'm getting cable disconnect error Which kext works with 1 gbit network connection ? system is mavericks 10.9.5 Thanks
  10. winhata

    Mac App Store Connection Issue

    Hello together, I've got a problem with my 10.6.8 installation. I'm running at this time 10.6.8. So I can login without any problems in the Mac App Store but if I try to search it just says:"Cannot Connect to the App Store". Even if I go to purchases nothing. Some of you maybe got some...
  11. kb3wmh

    Ethernet Drops Connection

    Occasionally, when I am using my hackintosh, the internet connection drops out. In system preferences, it says that I am connected over ethernet, but nothing will load. I can fix it by rebooting, but it is really annoying. I'd appreciate any suggestions Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.3 Gigabyte...
  12. IIFaydezII

    Can't connect to Wifi or Ethernet?

    I've just gotten into the whole hackintosh thing, i've just installed yosemite with Clover but the wifi and ethernet isn't working, I tried installing the different kexts for my ethernet controller but none of them work? Any help would be much appreciated. :)
  13. Ducktaper42

    I think the DSDT is my problem for most of this

    Just completed my first conversion of a Dell Optiplex 755, but I'm having a few issues. The first one i noticed yesterday. The HDMI out from my graphics card(which i will list below) only worked for a few minutes before blacking out and my TV said no input. Today while trying to upload this...
  14. thumbthrough

    10.9.2 Please Help! "Cannot Connect to the App Store"

    Hey guys, I get the following error when I open up the app store. My internet works fine otherwise. This started a few weeks ago. Prior to that, I had no problems connecting to the app store. My network interfaces are setup properly. Ethernet is En0, wireless is En1. I'm not plugged in...
  15. wanksta11

    app store sign in "connection failed" on mavericks

    I installed mavericks 10.9.5 on my K53S i7 laptop and the internet works (using the Ethernet cable port). I can sign in into itunes but I can't sign it into the app store, it just says "connection failed" every time I click the Sign In button. I tried installing the AtherosL1cEthernet 1.2.3 on...
  16. clabella608

    Internet intermittently cutting out.

    For the past couple weeks the internet connection has been cutting out on my hackintosh. The wifi signal remains fully connected, but every 10-15 minutes the internet will just stop working and I have to disconnet and reconnect to the network in order to get it working again. Even when it does...
  17. asarath

    Extraordinary network problem

    Dear All, This is probably not the right place to post this query, but I am posting this here because there are more savvy people on this forum than in most other places. I have a Belkin N300 wifi router and my hack is connected to it via ethernet over a 20-25m cable in two different parts...
  18. Peskyleo


    Is there a way to make BCM94311MCG work on hackintosh 10.9.4? I accidentally bought it instead of the BCM94322MC. It works fine on the windows partition, but i would actually like to make it work on mavericks. Do i have to modify some kexts o is it better to do something with the DSDT? When i...
  19. IvantheDugtrio

    Can't log in to App Store or iCloud

    So recently I realized I can't log in to either the App Store or iCloud for whatever reason. It just says it can't connect to the servers. Currently my internet works fine and I can access the iTunes store and the iCloud control panel via my web browser. Any idea why this is happening or if...
  20. Slickademo

    Constant Wifi problems

    I'm using the Airport Extreme Card 802.11N For Mac Pro MB988Z/A with a PCI Express x1 adapter. I constantly lose connection, can't connect and or password is refused (WPA2 personal). Running 10.8.5. I have tried deleting passwords with key chain and deleting/recreating my wifi through network...