1. Sundarmathi

    Final Cut Pro 10.4 crashing whenever i put export..Sierra

    Final Cut Pro 10.4 crashing whenever i put export.. and says "The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error -1.)" i tried in new library and reinstalled, but there is no solution.. @BreBo @moomshooter @stexine
  2. Acden

    HD7950 – how to get acceleration

    I have Sapphire HD7950 3GB, but itis about 30% when exporting h264 videoin Final Cut Pro x 10.4.5 on Mojave 10.14.4. I did experiments: RX 580 works on 100% load. Also (instead they say Nvidia is not supported in Mojave) my GTX 760 2GB loads on 100% on exporting/rendering operations. I think,I...
  3. iMJaSONxD89

    Compressor opens with white box

    hey everyone i just got everything up and running but for some strange reason when i open compressor im greeted with just a empty white box, the program seems to be running but i just cant so anything, please someone help, im running high sierra i have a asus 270e board with i7 7700k and two gtx...
  4. ricky7

    Final Cut Pro X/Compressor won't render "non-pro" codecs

    Hi All, Final cut pro is having trouble rendering non pro codecs. I assume its a quicktime issue but not sure if anyone has any insight. I can render things like prores and such, but when trying to render MOV I get a failed to render error. Any suggestions?
  5. samuraisantista

    Qmaster is not working (Mavericks 10.9)

    Hi, My hackintosh is working fine, but I cant put Qmaster to work. The QMaster preference pane in the System Preferences dont open ( " Could not load Apple Qmaster preference pane" ) The QMaster menus dont appear in Compressor or Final Cut 7. Any help? thanks