1. BluXMoon

    Will hackintosh work on these components?

    I have these components and I want to know if I will be able to install hackintosh. -Procesor -> AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (this shouldn't be a problem as I heard), -Mothers board -> ASUS TUF GAMING A520M-PLUS, -GPU -> GIGABYTE Radeon RX 5500,
  2. herboss24

    Desktop compatibility

    Hi! I want to try mac on my build. I am not sure if it is compatible. Here is my build: Motherboard: Gigabyte CPU: intel i5 4460 Ram: Samsung 1600hz 8gb DDR3 Video card: MSI Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060
  3. freesearch

    Aborted build; delete thread

    [delete post] [delete thread]
  4. WahlyWorld93

    What Makes Some Components Compatible and Some Not?

    Hello Everyone, I've searched and searched on this site and am amazed I can't find anything. Everyone asks if their 'specific' hardware is compatible, but no one has explained what the 'root problem' is. Can someone enlighten me? I understand that for some things (i.e. Adobe Premiere) the...
  5. milkywaymaps

    Static Noise In Monitor Speakers After Build

    Hello everyone. Finally got my build up with audio and internet. Noticing some static in my studio monitors being routed through a USB interface. I've tried using different ports and putting different components on separate power strips in case it was a grounding issue. Read that it could be...
  6. Thaigyver

    Advice needed: Component compatibility before buying

    Hello again, Would just like to double check compatibility of the components I've chosen before making the purchase. I would greatly appreciate any advice given. Components are: Case: Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 Motherboard: Gigabyte H370M D3H (mATX) CPU: Intel Core i5 8500 CPU Cooler...
  7. LAtechniker

    Upgrade components or rebuild completely? Best 2018 Mac Pro configuration?

    Good evening all, My current Hackintosh Mac Pro (built 2014), containing an i7 4930K, a GA-X79-UP4 ATX LGA2011 Motherboard and an EVGA - GeForce GTX 760 2GB is causing me more and more problems. I am stuck at OS X 10.8 because of Clover issues, and I have tried upgrading / reinstalling a newer...
  8. nr140e

    New build recomendations

    Hey guys well first of all thanks for having me here, I was really looking into forum and i see alot of people having different parts and I got kinda confuse. Well let me be straight forward I already have a PC that i Built so i have ram, PSU, Hard drive and CPU cooling. My main focus is...
  9. DjFLM

    Is my hardware compitable?

    Hi guys, I really want to try mac os and I have some spare parts laying around. But I couldn't really find a good list, so maybe one of you guys have a anwser for me? Could I build a Hackintosh (Sierra) with this specs: Intel core i5 6500 MSI H110i Hyperx Fury 16gb DDR4 2133Mhz Hyperx Fury SSD...
  10. Carlino

    First build - quick question

    Hello everyone. I am new to this on hackintosh and I have been reading about it for a while. So i have one quick question about desktop compatibility. 1. In the Buyer's Guide for components, will ANY conbination of components work, even if I use a component from the CustoMac Mini nd one from...
  11. tarbax

    photo / video editing build

    i am looking to buy a compatible hackintosh or a full spec imac 27inch i7 from 2017 what i do 3times i a week ? : - lightroom, photoshop, LrTimelapse - exporting 1000+ pictures in lightroom - Adobe after effects (warp stabilizer) from image sequences and videos. - final cut pro x would this...
  12. weplay00

    First Hackintosh

    Hello guys, I have a PC computer with this hardware: CPU: I7-4770K GPU: GTX 770 Zotac 4GB Motherboard: Asus Z87-A I'm interested in installing mac os sierra on it. It's the first time im doing it so I'm wondering is that possible? Other than those 3 components is there anything else that can...
  13. PeytonDylan

    About to build first PC (Hackintosh) for game dev with 2500€-3000€ budget

    Hi, I have been creating games with unity for a while now and have since I started always been using apple laptops. Now that the graphics I use in my games as well my games themselves gradually become more complicated I have noticed that apple hardware will not get the job done unless I want to...
  14. luke_s

    Upgrading old Build. Looking for advise.

    Hi, Since a couple of years I am running on below hardware, but tasks are getting more complex and I would like to upgrade. I am looking for advise and recommendations! I am using this Computer mainly for Video-Editing and as Mediaserver (= doing Live-Videoperformances). That's my current...
  15. yakjock

    A proposed new Build form a hackintosh noob.

    Hi guys, Firstly can I say waht a fantastic site this is. I have had iMac's for quite a few years now & not untill recently did I even know this could be done. A few years ago when I lived in the dark ages of windows XP/ Vista I built a couple of PC's but then I found Mac's & have not looked...
  16. yenkuu

    MY FIRST BUILD!!! back on it

    Hi thanks for everyone who had helped me a few months ago. This group is great :) I had to hold off on building my computer unfortunately and now I see that there are builds surrounding the new intel chips -__- but i already got my motherboard a few months back. This is what I bought before i...
  17. koryum

    Will this work?

    Hi, I have an MacBook Pro (Mid 2009), a few month away I decided to build a more powerfull desktop, but Im missing Mac OSX system and start to think on doing a hackintosh. I'm new and altought I build and install all components I never installed a hackintosh before. So I need some advice about...
  18. Smalabdi

    Can't find and install The required kexts for my components

    The problem is I don't know where to download The kexts. I have try many kexts but all of them don't work. If you know where to find The kexts that I need it will be very helpfully. Thank you in advance PS: Si jamais vous parlez français n'hésitez pas ça me facilitera la tâche.
  19. hcgaron

    First Build - do these play nicely together?

    Hi All, this is my first build and I'm curious if these components will work well together. They are all from the buyers guide: Im im mainly going to be doing audio work in Logic Pro 9 / Pro X. A couple of other questions: do I even need the graphics card? Doesn't the intel have...
  20. Fran5000player

    Are these components compatible for Hackintosh? (Already read the Buyer's Guide)

    Hello! I'm in the process of building a Hackintosh, the thing is I am from Argentina and lots of the suggested parts recommended in the ''Buyer's Guide'' are not available here... :banghead: My question is the following: Is it a good choice combining these components to build a Hackintosh...