1. custodio14d

    Only New Here hardware compatibility

    Hi, how are you? I am planning to run a hackintosh, I will buy some pieces and others I already have. Processor: Intel core processor i3-9100f 3.6 Ghz 6MB lga1151 > Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z390 M...
  2. CMMdavy

    Mac OS

    Hi What is the newest Mac OS I can install on GA-B85-HD3?
  3. LavaCreeperBOSSB

    Compatability with 10th Gen Intel

    Hello, As stated in the title, I want to hackintosh a 10th gen intel laptop. Is this possible? The specs: HP Notebook 15-dy1751ms (Specs on HP website) 10th gen i5-1035G1 8GB RAM Intel Optane 660p NVME drive Intel UHD Graphics (Model unknown) Wifi: Realtek RTL8821CE (But support for WiFi is...
  4. felixwemmel

    Questions regarding build (Z370 Fatal1ty Gaming-ITX, 8700K, GTX1060)

    Hello! I'm thinking about doing a hackintosh out of my mITX PC. I haven't done this before so I have some questions. But first; here are the components I currently own and plan on using in my hackintosh build. Mobo: ASRock Z370 Fatal1ty Gaming-ITX/ac CPU: Intel i7 8700K GPU: Asus GTX 1060...
  5. Jacob3930

    Will my hardware work with macos mojave?

    So i wouldn't mind running macos mojave on my pc. I just want to know it everything is compatible though, here are my pc's specs: -Asus b250m-a -Pentium G4560 -8gb ddr4 2400 -gt 1030 Any help would be appreciated :)
  6. bigpoppa206

    Motherboard and OS compatibility question.

    I have a working hackintosh, no issues. But its old enough I can't use Mojave on it. I also have older drives that can boot up into Lion (Pro Tools) and Mavericks. What is the newest motherboard that I could get and still use these older systems? Or how can I research this? Thanks.
  7. Ilikecheese789

    Asus Rog Strix hero Edition compatibility

    Heyo! So i recently purchased myself a new laptop, and am interested in making it a dual boot hackintosh. Thing is ive tryed doing this before and gave up before i was done... So i really dont have any experience doing this... in fact ive never gotten past clover in my old build. Thing is...
  8. Jsavage

    Is little snitch currently safe to install?

    High sierra installed. I installed little snitch and it got me stuck at boot, couldn't even get to the clover boot screen. So I reinstalled and have been living without LS for now. Wondering if there's been any improvement in compatibility. If anyone is running OS X HS and little snitch...
  9. gend86

    Is it compatible?

    CPU - Intel® Core™ i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40GHz × 4 Motherboard - Gigabyte H81M-S Graphics - Intel® Haswell RAM - 4 GB Thanks.
  10. Hellsome

    Converting Acer Predator helios 300 into hackintosh

    Hello guys ! I have a acer predator helios 300 , which I use for productivity . There are some applications which are macOS only and I want to run them , so I have this laptop as a spare one and was thinking that would the components of this machine would be compatiable with a hackintosh .Specs-...
  11. IsaacBerglind

    Current Custom PC Able to Install MacOS?

    Hi guys, I've had a custom Windows 10 PC that I've used for music production, but I've switched to Logic Pro X for that and am going to build a Hackintosh. I'm trying to see if my current parts are compatible: Motherboard: Asus Q170m-c Processor: Intel i5 6500 RAM: 8 gb Kingston ValueRAM DDR4...
  12. SpaceDandy

    Can I Install Sierra in this pc?

    Hello, I have been using an old PC, a Core 2 Duo Q8200 2.33 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, 2x 500 GB HDD, Nvidia GT 520 and 500 watt power supply, MB Asrock G-31-MS, I have installed El Capitan, and, so far, I can't complain. It handles pretty well Photoshop, Lightroom, Internet, E-mail and some mild gaming...
  13. SpaceDandy

    Asrock G31MS

    Hello, I have been trying to install El Capitan on my old Hackingtosh, I can get after installation, but nothing works, I dont have internet because it doestn recognize the ethernet port, no video card driver working Nvidia GT 520, could any one help me?
  14. Dallastyle

    Need help getting Intel Hd Graphics to work with FakeCpuId

    Hi tonymac86, I'm using a Dell All in one Inspiron 5348. It has a Pentium dual core G3240 Haswell clocked at 3.07 ghz in Mac. I've successfully booted and installed Mac Os X el capitan on an external hdd using a fake cpuid (0x0306E0) its ivybride. But my problem is the drivers. The only thing I...
  15. solarmacx86

    Has anyone here attempted using a Coffee Lake CPU in a hackintosh?

    Hi everybody! So a few weeks back Intel released the “Coffee Lake” Core-i CPUs (i3 8100, 8350K, i5 8400, 8600K, i7 8700, 8700K) that were set to be gaming monsters. I was wondering if anyone had tried any of these CPUs on a Hackintosh build?
  16. parth121

    Dell N5050 Compatibility

    I'd like to run macOS on my laptop for iOS development. My laptop has Core i7-2620m 8Gb RAM Intel hd 3000 Will it support macOS Sierra and Xcode 9?
  17. AlanBKK

    First Macintosh build, looking for confirmation on hardware.

    Thank you for your time and reviewing this post. I read through the threads as well as the buyers guide and I believe what I selected would work. I am trying to build a home office Hackintosh that would run MS Office, surf the web, videos, run Eclipse IDE, and all the other typical programs an...
  18. RandyBoBandy

    EVGA GTX 650 SC 2GB

    Hey guys I've had alot of problems getting the internal graphics to work on my machine, I saw this gpu used for a good price. I just want to know if it will work with Sierra and the rest of my computer. any issues or bugs I need to know about? Thanks,
  19. afrat

    How's my build? 7700k, GA-Z270MX-Gaming 5, Samsung 960 EVO, ASUS STRIX 1080ti

    Hi there, I am wondering if I will run into any issues with this build. I see there are a number of builds where people got the 7700k working just fine. I am upgrading from a 4790k so I wanted to go to the latest generation if possible to future proof. Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core...
  20. spiruni

    Build Compatability

    Hello everyone!!! My name is spiruni and a newbie around here!!! So i want to build my gaming rig but i already got a pc that i build on my own a couple years ago. Now you see i dont want to have two pc with windows and also i would like to start coding adn editing (from time to time) on...