1. Cyt0ox

    Is my PC compatible with Hackintosh?

    Im very new into Hackintosh and just wanted to know if my PC is compatible, because I already tried it many times and it didnt work. Specs: Motherboard: MSI Z270 Gamin Pro Carbon CPU: Intel Core i7700K, 4.2GHz, 8MB, LGA1151 RAM: 2x8GB, G.Skill Ripjaws V, DDR4-3200Mhz GPU: GTX 660 2GB Harddrive...
  2. ericywl

    Checking compatibility

    Currently I'm thinking of dual-booting my main PC with OS X aside from the current Windows. I have a Macbook Pro with me. Just wanted to check for compatibility before proceeding. CPU: i7-6700 GPU: Gigabyte GTX1080 G1 Gaming Mobo: Gigabyte H170-Gaming3 From what I can see on the "Buyer's...
  3. MahirDeep

    HELP ME!! Can I run macOS with these build?

    Greetings everyone! I want to go for my first hackintosh experience, but I don't know anything since it's my first time in mac enviroment. I have these specifications: CPU : Intel Core i3 4160 MOBO: ASUS H81M-P RAM: 4GB GPU: AMD SAPPHIRE R7 260x 2GB DDR5 USB Keyboard & Bluetooth Mouse Please...
  4. soho81

    Complete compatible hardware list for editing station

    Hi guys, I'm gonna build a video editing station with 8700K CPU. where can I find compatible hardware list on the website? Do you have any recommendation? Thank you
  5. alprak

    Intel Dual Band Wireless-Ac 8265 Is MacOS Compatible?

    Hello, I have Intel Dual Band Wireless-Ac 8265 with my laptop. I want sure about is macOS high sierra compatibility if it's does where can i get the drivers Thanks.
  6. Kiluae

    Latitude 7480 (Specs inside) is it compatible?

    Hey everyone. I've been reading around for a bit but now I want to give it a spin. I can't seem to find any posts on the 7480 specifically, however. I'll post the specs for my model here: Processor Intel Core i7-7600U (Intel Core i7) Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620, Core: 1150 MHz, Memory...
  7. Riccardohillbreve

    hackintosh compatibility

    hi guys do you know if my configuration is compatible with hackintosh? cpu intel core i3 7100 gpu zotac geforce gtx 1050ti mini motherboard msi b250m pro vd
  8. ItsBinary

    GPU compatibility question

    I have a GT 710 I'm going to put into my first hackintosh build tomorrow, but in the very close future I'm gonna be throwing in a GT 1030 and then eventually a GTX 1080 which I have lying around after I get the needed upgrades to the PSU and CPU on the PC. My question is, do any of the three...
  9. loosiz

    Compatability and version of OS

    Hi guys, here's the spec. CPU:I7 6700K 4Ghz MOBO:Asus Z170E GPU:MSI GTX1070 Ram 16Ghz planning on getting a new separate SSD to run the hackintosh so would 128gb be fine? I think everything is ok except for only MOBO that I'm not sure about. and if this is compatible which version OS should I...
  10. freaky2xd

    Intel Wireless AC 7265 alternative for hackintosh?

    Hey! I have a HP Pavilion Pwer 15 notebook with a Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 (a/b/g/h/n/ac) wifi card which is not supported by os x. Unfortunately my other two card (yes I have wifi cards I don't use) are the Killer Wireless AC 1525 and the Intel Wireless AC 8265 which both don't work...
  11. abiramee

    Pentium G4560 Sierra

    Hi, This is my config: Motherboard: Asus H110M-A CPU: Pentium G4560 GPU: AMD RX550 Can I run Sierra with this configuration? Please let me know. Thanks!
  12. Finley99

    Compatible with a HP ProLiant ML310e (Gen8)?

    Hey all, Wondering if Mac OS would be compatible with this system? I am talking about the one that has an Intel Xeon... There is a product info sheet here, if anyone's interested: Hope someone can help! Regards, Finley
  13. GeezusCryzt

    Intel chip with AMD graphics can it work

    ??? I’m looking to buy a computer but want to make sure it’s the right type
  14. DjFLM

    Is my hardware compitable?

    Hi guys, I really want to try mac os and I have some spare parts laying around. But I couldn't really find a good list, so maybe one of you guys have a anwser for me? Could I build a Hackintosh (Sierra) with this specs: Intel core i5 6500 MSI H110i Hyperx Fury 16gb DDR4 2133Mhz Hyperx Fury SSD...
  15. Karthik1234

    HP Pavilion 15 - AU123CL

    Hello all! This is my first thread so far. I'm kinda new to all the stuff here. Well, I was thinking of installing the Sierra on my HP Pavilion 15 - AU123CL. I haven't buyed the laptop yet. Maybe I'll get it soon. Specs: Product name HP Pavilion - 15-au123cl (ENERGY STAR) Microprocessor Intel®...
  16. Nyak

    Graphic Design/Animation Hackintosh

    I'm looking into building my second Hackintosh and I want to do it right this time. Here's my build so far: i7-6700K GA-Z170-HD3 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) Intel 730 Series SSD 240GB EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB SC Gaming ACX 3.0 Black Edition I just need to make sure all the parts will...
  17. Carlino

    Is any type of RAM DDR4 compatible with a Hackintosh?

    Hello everyone, I noticed that the motherboard I am going to buy (GA-Z270-HD3P) is compatible with DDR4 X.M.P. So I was looking for RAM with this feature and I found it is quite similar price. For example this one: Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 3000 MHz CL15...
  18. SonnyRR

    New build compatibility concerns.

    Hello, I am planning on building a new machine that I want to use mainly for audio production (Logic Pro X; Ableton Live) and as a general daily runner. I've done 2 machines in the past that are running to this day (mavericks and el capitan) but they were not builds intended to be hackintosh...
  19. ConnorBowman3

    Kaby lake worries

    Hello, I am a brand new pc builder and Hackintosh builder. I have already ordered my parts, which include the Gigabyte Z170N-Gaming 5 Mini-ITX Motherboard, i7 7700k, Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (16GB), and Samsung 850 EVO 500GB, no graphics card. I am worried about the compatibility of my...
  20. Carlino

    First build, old hardware and Sierra?

    Hi, I have an exisiting comouter and I am thinking of upgrading the motherboard to make it Hackintosh compatible. The specs: RAM: 16GB crucial ballistic sport DDR3 RAM Motherboard: (the new one) Gigabyte Z97P-D3 LGA1150 SSD: Samsung 250GB Evo 850 CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 Is it compatible with...