1. ralphdt

    [Solved] High Sierra X299 10.13 with AMD ATI Radeon HD 6670

    Hello! I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction please. ASUS Tuf Mk 2 X299 i7800x 850 EVO I've installed MacOS High Sierra thanks to the "kgp" guide on the site. As the X299 board doesn't come with any internal gfx. I've installed an AMD ATI Radeon (Sapphire) HD 6670 2Gb. (I...
  2. DRGNZ

    Potential Build Problems? (Weird mix of hardware)

    Hi I'm an Editor/Colour Grader and have been mainly using my Macbook for editing but would love to use my old beast again but don't like editing in windows. I want to create a dual boot system of OSX for editing and then a Windows boot for gaming. I have all the parts listed bellow but would...
  3. InTheZ0n3

    Preview app washes out my colours after any sort of edit.

    Just posting to see if anyone experienced this before with the Preview App? I used the Preview to grab a screenshot and it saved fine. Once I start editing the image in anyway it washes out the colours. This is happening on two of my Hackintosh's one a laptop the other a desktop both running...
  4. Achani

    Blues and pinks strips after apple logo boot loading SAMSUNG NOTEBOOK np300e7a.

    Hi all, I wanted to make my PC an Hackintosh with Unibeast and MultiBeast programs, and everything worked perfectly before the apple logo boot loading because until here coloured strips come and makes my screen almost unreadable and displayed resolution is at least two times larger than my...