1. ameeno

    Audio crackling/noise on Mojave - Dell e7440 - ALC292

    Hello. I Have an E7440 Dell Laptop, It is working with Mojave, However, whenever I plug a Headphones in, It is crackly and unusable. A cold boot usually fixes this and I think it may be related to CodecCommander. I have uploaded the files, could you please help me solve this issue? Thanks!!!
  2. poles

    How to edit CodecCommander.kext for ALC887 to fix no audio after sleep/wake problem

    After upgrading from High Sierra(10.13.4) to Mojave(10.14.1) once again I lost audio on sleep/wake. Previously I have used @RehabMan 's OS-X-EAPD-Codec-Commander for ALC1150. But as that profile was defined there I faced no problem. But how can I create a profile for ALC887? I mean I don't know...
  3. ekh

    SOLUTION: Working Native Audio For alc1150

    I have Asus b85 Gamer pro with alc 1150. Been facing this problem since sierra. Had to use bluetooth for audio. Just recently solve the problem so i though i should share. Required Items 1. Clover Configurator (latest Version) 2. audio cloverALC or AppleALC (latest Version) 3. Clover (latest...
  4. remanifest

    Help with EFI & NSURLErrorDomain error (10.13.2)

    I had a lengthy update process to go from 10.13.1 to 10.13.2, which made me start to evaluate my configuration a little bit. I've looked, but didn't know where to find answers to the below: - Do I need to have AppleALC AND CodecCommander, or is AppleALC redundant? For what it's worth...
  5. adamshumpisxxx

    Gigabyte GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 ALC 1150 No Audio After Sleep

    Everything is working great except having no audio after waking from sleep. I know, I know...there's a hundred posts about this issue and a sticky thread on how to solve the issue. My problem is I am trying to solve the issue the same way I did on Sierra 10.12.6 but on High Sierra 10.13.1 it...
  6. adamshumpisxxx

    ALC1150 CodecCommander & Multibeast Configurations

    EDIT: New post specifically about solving my ALC 1150 audio after sleep wake issue. I need some help here. My hardware should be listed right next to my post under my username. I just wanted to...
  7. brandon.lane6

    Audio after sleep with appleALC and Realtek1150

    Hi there Im not getting any audio out of only the rear(green). audio jack after sleep. The headphone jack, HDMI audio and digital out all work after sleep. Originally I was using toledas CloverALC script for Realtek audio until it stopped working when installing other kexts. Now, when using...
  8. TheTrollCaptain

    No sound on startup

    So I am having trouble getting the sound to work on startup. Currently when I start up the machine, I am able to change the volume but I can't hear the feedback sound (which I have enabled). The only way to get the sound to function is log in, open system preferences, and reselect the sound...
  9. UnDeaDAmP

    How to use CodecCommander to solve no Audio after Sleep - El Capitan 10.11.5?

    I have a GA-z97M-ds3h motherboard, a core i3 4360, GTX 950 and i have the realtek alc 887 audio codec on my mobo. I used CloverALC110 to get my Hack with sound. However, after sleep, I get no audio. I need to use CodecCommander to get my EAPD properly working on here. I did it back in Yosemite...
  10. ouija

    [solved] No audio after reboot from Windows (AppleHDA w/ALC 668)

    Hey, Hoping someone might be able to shed light on one final issue that is causing me a bit of grief in my Hackingtosh install. Some info first: Running 10.11.3 on an Asus G771JM, almost everything working beautifully on this system, just got HDMI Audio enabled today (after some serious...