clover device help

  1. kida232

    Double Trouble: Ports Not Working, Drives Running but not Clover Accessible

    Hello Everyone, I recently made a Mojave Hackintosh build that includes the RX Vega 64, an Intel 9900, and the GB Designare Z390. I've included a list of all parts. (see screenshot) Everything seems to be working fine except the following…. 1. Most USB ports. I can plugin my keyboard just...
  2. caleb507

    OSX Yosemite on Dell XPS 12 (9Q23) WORKING but no mouse keyboard or wifi (BLUETOOTH WORKS)

    Hey buddy, Rehabman: You seem to be the go to guy on this subject of using clover and installing osx. I have sucessfully installed clover and osx on my dell xps 12 9q23 laptop...thanks to your instructions :D My question is how do I get devices working?? (Cypress Trackpad, keyboard) --MAIN...