clover bootloader

  1. Marcoosio

    clover autoboot windows issues

    I am trying to have my windows 10 partition be the defaultbootvolume to auto boot in clover, In the Plist I have tried entering the name of the hard disk, I have tried the uuid, I’ve tried the boot path, I have even tried LastBootedVolume, and none will autoboot windows, I have only ever been...
  2. Ernsberger

    High Sierra Install after Unibeast won't boot

    My build is as follows: MSI z170a Gaming M5 motherboard EVGA Geforce 960 4GB SSC Intel i5-6600k processor CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB Issue: after successfully installing High Sierra I proceeded to run UniBeast. After rebooting, the Clover menu comes up, but the High Sierra boot drive, nor the...
  3. Krishna2412

    Can't Install Sierra (Boot Loop in Clover Bootloader)

    Hey Guys, I want to install os x but can't install . I am using Clover Bootloader but it's booting again and again (Clover main menu show ,when i'm clicking on Boot Mac OS X from Install mac OS Sierra then its reboot) Please help....... My System Info : Processor : Intel(R) Pentium(R)...
  4. Artemiris

    Clover Bootloader and Trackpad Issue (Windows)

    Hi there, I have this annoying issue related to running the Clover Bootloader together with my Windows installation. Whenever I boot Windows from Clover, my trackpad won't function with Synaptics/Windows Precision drivers (as in, the trackpad will be dead entirely until I install non-precision...
  5. slideproject

    Clover bootloader start only with USB

    Hi until a few weeks ago my hackintosh worked perfectly and the clover started from "Uefi Os HD ....". at some point the clover did not start anymore, so I made a usb pen with unibeast and clover and "Macintosh HD" work fine .. only that no more boot options come up with the word "UefiOs Hd...
  6. Campanis

    [Solved] OsxAptioFixDrv error requested memory exceeds our allocated relocation block

    I get this error message when I try and boot into the OS X Sierra installer. I've tried different drivers: osxaptioFix2Drv and such with no luck any ideas would be appreciated. clover file attached DESKTOP BUILD
  7. Quakee

    [Solved] Problems with direct upgrade with mac os High Sierra (prohibited sign)

    Hi so I wanted to upgrade my current mac os sierra to high sierra and I am on clover UEFI bootloader. I followed the instructions here to update clover to the latest version (r4220), copy apfs.efi into the drivers64 in EFI\clover and copy fake smc kext into the kexts\other folder. When I ran the...
  8. Texangeek

    Question on Clover

    I recently updated my H97M-ITX machine to Sierra and took the opportunity to change the drive that I boot from for speed reasons (see this post). This weekend I decided to swap the drive that I have in my Synology NAS into...
  9. asusmac

    Accidental hid all discs (boot options) in clover - how to start OSX now?

    Hello together, I am stuck and it seems so stupid but all I did is working on the config.plist and somehow deactivated all boot options for the clover bootloader. So the next time I restarted the computer I couldn't choose any boot option. Also I do not have a bootable USB stick anymore. How...
  10. fandomius


    hi to everyone I decided to update clover from version 4077 to 4091 this morning and after downloading the latest version from and installing it successfully i did a reboot. After reboot, clover boot manager doesn't give me any boot options anymore instead it gets stuck and the...
  11. worshipmaestro

    Success With Thunderbolt on GA-X99P-SLI / i5820K Combination!

    Wanted to let everyone know that I was able to successfully install 10.12.5 on a GA-X99P-SLI/i5820K combination. And the USB-C/Thunderbolt works! Now, this is NOT a guide. Think of it as more of a report of a work in progress. HARDWARE: Gigabyte GA-X99P-SLI motherboard i5920K CPU GTX960...
  12. xJPN

    Kernel Panic On Installation

    Hello all, I am attempting my first Hackintosh build on OS X Sierra (10.12.4). While doing so I seemed to have ran into a brick wall. I cant even get the initial setup going to install OS X. It gives a kernel panic every single time. I've tried everything I could think to do to try and fix...
  13. muntaqim99

    Windows does not boot from clover

    Hi, I'm new to the Hackintosh world and have successfully installed Mac OS Sierra on my PC but the thing is Windows 10 does not boot. My Windows 10 is installed as UEFI and I have an option from clover saying boot Microsoft from EFI. When I selected it, the screen goes black and I manually have...
  14. JuulJuup

    Help! My Sierra partition doesn't work. Can't do anything! Can't boot, CloverUSB doesn't work either

    Dear reader, I'm not sure where the problem resides.. My Hackintosh has been working perfectly for 2 months, and yesterday I suddenly couldn't boot anymore. Simply put, I can't do anything without it.. I need it for my work and school and even my USB with Clover doesn't seem to work. I'm...
  15. versetti

    Nvidia Web Driver Compatibility with Clover

    I just figured out how to fix an issue that I've had for a couple days now. I am using the clover bootloader, which I assume most of you are also using, and I kept trying to select the recently released NVIDIA Web Driver for pascal cards (download it here) in the Nvidia menu bar item that...
  16. Jumbosteven

    Windows 10 won't boot up with R9 290 on Windows SSD

    Hi, So I installed OSX El Capitan on my Gigabyte z97x-UD3H a few weeks ago and everything went smoothly, but I had problems with my the OSX not detecting the r9 290 that I have installed and it kept saying that I only had like 7mb of graphics available instead of the 4GB that was actually...
  17. mrtakacsgabor

    Booting without usb / Sierra

    Dear everybody! I am quite new to building a hackintosh, however for the past 3 weeks I am educating myself. My specs are the following Motherboard: Asrock P67 Perfromance CPU: Intel i5-2400 GPU: Nvidia GTX 560 I have managed to install Sierra on my computer and everything seemed to be...
  18. Script1996

    Can't get clover to work on HDD

    Hey guys, I installed clover exactly like I did before on my boot USB and also copied my USB EFI folder over the HDD EFI folder. But wheter in my bootmenu or my bios, is a "UEFI: HDDNAME" entry.. So I still can only boot via USB.. Can you help me out? Thanks in advance :)
  19. AngeloCipullo

    Sierra crash on Clover boot

    hi, i will explain mi situation: i've followed your guide to install macOS sierra on my pc in dual boot with Clover Bootloader, when i finish the installation, the macOS sierra is full working, but, if i try to install Clover UEFI Bootloader with Multibeast and i try to reboot the macOS it...
  20. jonathanpaulpano

    kextd busy timeout IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction

    Sierra boots fine but it boots 2 minutes longer than usual boot times. I'm getting this message in verbose mode kextd busy timeout IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction Audio still works by using toleda's CloverALC script 120. Before that (in El Capitan) I'm using toleda's...