clover bootloader

  1. miliuco

    Clover 5149 EFI for Monterey and Ventura on Z390 Aorus Elite motherboard

    It works fine on my hardware (Z390 Aorus Elite + i9 9700 + RX 6600) although with the proper customization in terms of kexts it can work well with other Z390 boards and 9th gen CPUs, with integrated and/or AMD GPU. There are 2 configuration files: config-imac-amd.plist: iMac 19.1 + AMD dGPU +...
  2. zoihbent

    please make a "clover" for my laptop "HP OMEN 15 ce009ur"

    please make a "clover" for my laptop "HP OMEN 15 ce009ur". I don't understand programming at all, and I really need a hackintosh. If someone does, I will be very grateful. characteristics: i7 7700HQ, nvidia gtx 1050, 16gb ram, ssd m2, sata hdd 1tb. please heeeeeeelp me
  3. dimkagord

    Help Renaming Boot Microsoft EFI

    Hello! My setup is High Sierra on one SSD, and Windows 8 on another SSD. Windows was installed awhile ago, and HS just recently. I have a legacy BIOS, so Clover is installed in Legacy mode. I've since changed Windows to work in AHCI mode, and have included the NTFS.efi file in my drivers folder...
  4. Thaigyver

    Clover version being switch during installation???

    I know this is going to be a weird question, but I cannot figure out where I am going wrong. I am on my second build with the help of this wonderful site and all its accumulated knowledge. The hardware specs you see to the right are for my first build. The second and current build I am doing is...
  5. ByKiwito

    Can't install...

    Once I get clover on BOOT, I am able to see the apple logo but, when charge bar appears, the PC get restarted. I have an i7 4930k (Extreme Processor, no video card integrated), and I also have 32GB RAM and a nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN. I Don't know what to do. I tried a lot of configurations of...
  6. state0fmind

    Help - long clover load time

    It takes my pretty fast drives and system to reach apple boot 20+ seconds. I initially thought maybe this was NVME issue. but it's not since it's same for my 860 evo ssd as well. The hackintosh runs perfectly except for this issue. Attached verbose log here.
  7. jimsdny

    High Sierra on Lenovo Legion

    For 3 days now I have been looking over builds, and specs, and clover, and UniBeast, and I just cannot figures out a way to put MacOS on this machine?!. I Even put a new SSD inside, tried to format it to Mac on my MacBook first (to make it easier I thought), but still fails every time after the...
  8. galaxy58

    Bootloader wont install with Multibeast ihr standalone Clover Installer

    Hi Guys, i have been struggling since 2 days to get my system working. my gtx 1080 is working. (i am so excited) I tried multiple times to install clover via Multibeast or standalone installer and it wont appear in my boot options in the bios. I can only boot with my installer Stick. I tried...
  9. namhhgames

    EFI Windows no longer bootable after reinstalling Mac High Sierra

    Hi there, So it's my 2nd times installing Hackintosh. I have 2 separated SSD for these 2 OS. The first time I install Mac, it works, but my Windows 10 is legacy so I have to change boot orders to be able to boot into the Windows drive. Then I reinstall windows to be EFI so that I can choose...
  10. wowoowowo

    Is it normal for Clover to take 5-10 minutes to load?

    Hello, I used UniBeast to put a macos installer on a flash drive and it takes 5-10 minutes for the clover boot picker screen to come up, is this normal? if not how can I fix it?
  11. Antomac88

    Everything was fine until I made a ****

    Hello everyone, first of all I apologize if I had previously published this post in the wrong place :( I apologize I was updating my High Sierra in Mojave, I'll explain what I did and what my problems were. I started Clover on my High sierra In the left sidebar I selected the SSD where I...
  12. Dizono

    [Solved] easy fix for black screen after Clover update (10.11)

    Edit: See post below for fix Hello all, Introduction: I updated clover because I was still running 10.11 and thought about an update. As my computer was identified as an older Mac Pro, OSX didn't let me update straight away. So I updated Clover, and guess what... Black screen after Clover...
  13. Luxab

    [Solved] Internal EFI Clover: macOS boot stuck

    I've had this laptop set up on High Sierra (currently on 10.13.3) since late January. My installation recently became un-bootable via my internal EFI Clover install. I can still boot in via my flash drive, but I haven't had any luck at fixing my internal EFI setup. I have even directly copied...
  14. MissCatD

    [SOLVED] Clover Update r4586 disables OS Boot (Black Screen)

    After I updated to Clover 4586 and could no longer boot up my computer, I was in a panic. I'm sure I wasn't the only one, and I'm sure there are still a number of others out there still trying to figure this out, so I felt a direct and easily-accessible thread was a good resort for anyone still...
  15. poupipou

    Clover won't boot mac or windows and won't uninstall

    Hi ! All was running great accept the sound, so I try to install "Apple ALC Audio solution" and I modified my clover config, then (tried to) restart. Now, When i try to boot with mac the computer start the loading screen with the apple and restart automatically indefinitely. So i try to boot...
  16. Wyzco

    Clover fail to boot sometimes

    Hell all, I have installed MacOs High Sierra for about 6 months now. The issue i am facing is that sometimes (quite often) my bios fails to boot the clover bootloader unless I manually select the clover partition. I have attached my EFI folder, I would appreciate any advice to solve this issue.
  17. partha007

    Clover Bootloader Direct Enter Exit Option

    Hackintosh High Sierra 10.13.3 USB Installer Boot Into USB DIrectly Enter Exit Option Menu. My System Specification : CPU : Core i5 6400 MB : Asus H110M-CS RAM : 8GB DDR 4 HDD : WD 1TB For Windows And WD 500 GB For Hackintosh Bootloader : Clover
  18. jjdizz1l

    Dell M6800 High Sierra Helpful Kext

    Attached is my Clover Bootloader Folder and the KEXT drivers I used to install and run macOS High Sierra on my Dell M6800 with NVIDIA Quadro K3100M 4GB GFX Card. I have 12GB of DDR3 1600MHz Ram installed in 3 separate Banks/DIMM slots. I am currently running a vanilla macOS High Sierra 10.13.4...
  19. sachdev.ankit

    Need help for post installation of Mac OS Siera

    I am new to hacknitosh environment. Installed Mac OS Siera on my Hp Laptop, but struggling in post installation procedures like Boot Loader ,graphics display for Intel HD 5500, Sound & Battery fixes. Please help me to setup fully functional hacknitosh. CPU - Intel Core i3- 5005U Graphics -...
  20. LaurenzM

    High Sierra Installer not booting after Clover Bootloader

    Hello everyone, yesterday i tried to install MacOS High Sierra on my new Crucial 240GB SSD. I prepared my 8GB USB 3.0 Stick on my 2017 iMac with Unibeast, Multibeast and Clover Bootloader and Configurator. I have to say that i'm absolutely new to Hackintoshing. I added an FakeSMC.kext into...