clover boot uefi ssd

  1. DoctorKnot

    [SOLVED] Clover does not load - black screen - after full disk debacle

    Five years ago, following instructions on this wonderful site, I built two identical machines with the following key hardware components: cpu: Intel i5-4690K mbo: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 gpu: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 hdd: Samsung 850 EVO 120GB 2.5-Inch SATA III They are currently upgraded to High...
  2. wutkernel

    Clover starting up but not recognizing MacOS drives

    Been running High Sierra on a Samsung EVO SSD for a little over two years now side by side with another EVO that has Windows. Everything worked great. Do my video editing on the Hackintosh during the day, switch over to game on Windows some nights. No big issues for two years. I didn't change...
  3. rez0

    Hang/Timeout on Apple Logo

    In the midst of forcing Nvidia to update, I've run into an issue. At this point, I've done the basic Multibeast post-installation with Mausi, Fake, USB XCHI limit and Nvidia Web driver kext's. I've also changed my SMBIOS to 18,3 iMac which in my opinion more matches my CPU. On boot up, I select...
  4. pevargas2730

    hackintosh installation gets a circle with a slash

    I have a custom built computer where I want to install hackintosh High Sierra. I used Unibeast to create the bootable USB, I boot my computer get into the bootable USB, see the apple logo and the loader then I get a circle with a slash. (I tried this USB in a laptop and it worked)...
  5. bigmac1111

    Unable to reinstalling the system with installation USB

    Hi All, I was running the latest High Sierra. Everything were ok until one day I upgrade the Clover Configurator. My computer hung immediately after the clover boot options screen. I tried to fix it without any luck, so I decided to reinstall the OS. I made a new UniBeast installation USB and...
  6. poupipou

    Clover won't boot mac or windows and won't uninstall

    Hi ! All was running great accept the sound, so I try to install "Apple ALC Audio solution" and I modified my clover config, then (tried to) restart. Now, When i try to boot with mac the computer start the loading screen with the apple and restart automatically indefinitely. So i try to boot...
  7. besttech

    [solved] Clover Stuck on Row of Plus Signs when booting from SSD

    Hello, I recently install high Sierra 10.13.3 on my HP Spectre x360 15t. The installation boots fine when booting from my install USB, but when the installation is booted from clover on the SSD, the installation stalls on a row of plus signs shown in the clover verbose.jpg. It is puzzling...
  8. hypersaw

    Couple problems/glitches on High Sierra z77 mx d3h

    Found some errors on my hackintosh (z77mx d3h, i5 3570k): 1. Clover configurator and Efi Mounter CAN'T see a HIGH SIERRA EFI partition 2. Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse ahas delay on writing (sometimes) 3. When on screensaver, lower corner has some glitches Does anybody has fixes? :)
  9. leanndroguedes

    [Solved] MacOS Sierra does not start from HD without the USB Pen.

    Hello, I recently did the installation of MacOS Sierra. In the post-installation, I installed the features of the MultiBeast, everything happened normal. The problem is when I restart the computer, why the system does not start, it goes straight to the BIOS, I tried to start the HD through the...
  10. andrebba

    Clover hidden os x partition HELP! [SOLVED]

    Hi guys i'm new on this forum. (Sorry for my english) I'll try to explain my problem. I've change an option on the config.plist with clover configurator on the Gui menu. Now when i boot with clover the mac os x boot option is disappear. How can i solved this problem? Thanks
  11. Naico

    Clover won't UEFI boot from drive!

    Hi everyone! I'm having great difficulties installing the latest Clover install on my Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH (rev. F11) with Samsung 830 SSD drive. The installation goes fine (at least so it seems) and EFI mount and copying goes well, but then my UEFI BIOS isn't able to detect the...