clover boot options

  1. Jeckell

    10.12.6 (or Clover update) won't complete boot

    My machine ran from roughly 2016 to October 2019 continuously with no problems. Then I upgraded from macOS 10.12.4 or something to 10.12.6 and also upgrade Clover and it stopped booting. I had upgraded 10.12 several times before and only needed to update my Nvidia web driver, and also upgraded...
  2. ksb1972

    Unibeast: Age of Mac and Gigabyte B360M H HDMI output?

    Hi all, Hackintosh newbie here. Trying to cobble a machine together using some bits I had lying around. I used a 2014 MacBook Pro running High Sierra to create the Unibeast Catalina installer for use on a Gigabyte B360M H I had lying around. CPU will be an Intel i3-8100 with Intel® UHD...
  3. ImSalty

    Missing options in Clover

    Hey guys. My build has worked out good so far. First I installed Catalina on my drive and after that, I updated to Big Sur. The upgrade itself didn't work out in the first place because there were many errors. I managed to fix the problem by booting into Safe Mode and updating from there. So far...
  4. anotherdust

    << Solved >> 10.15.5 Clover does not detect the installation volume.

    Unable to update to 10.15.5. At first reboot: No installation boot volume is detected by CloverBootloader. There is no "macOS install Prebooter from Preboot" or "macOS install from macHardDriveName" when the system reboots to start the update. Only my usual volumes. If you have an idea or a...
  5. Accu

    multiple Clover Boot Entries

    Hi guys, my Catalina 10.15.4 upgrade struggled a bit. Since then I have multiple boot entries while rebooting the computer. Anyone any idea how I can rectify this?
  6. Jancey

    Accidentally removed my windows drive from clover boot menu via terminal command

    I used this command: diskutil info disk0s2 | grep -i "Partition UUID" | rev | cut -d' ' -f 1 | rev But I accidentally removed the wrong disk and now the only option on the boot menu is Catalina. How can I get it back?
  7. flatcat

    Help with ASRock Z390 Taichi, 9700k, Vega 64 OS Install - Stuck at booting into Installer

    Hello I need a bit of help in understanding why I’m stuck and how to get my new build moving forward. This is my third build, but it has been four years from when I built an z97 based system. That machine was easy to setup and maintain. Thinking big, I built something that should be fast for...
  8. Jibooom88

    Problem to hide Windows boot entry from clover menù

    Hi, everyone Hackintosher!!! In my clover boot menu I wish I could hide the each boot entries; "Boot Windows from Recovery" and "Boot Windows from EFI". I try several tips to hide this two entries, but nothing. I have also disable Legacy option on Clover Configurator, but nothing. I have macOS...
  9. partha007

    Clover Bootloader Direct Enter Exit Option

    Hackintosh High Sierra 10.13.3 USB Installer Boot Into USB DIrectly Enter Exit Option Menu. My System Specification : CPU : Core i5 6400 MB : Asus H110M-CS RAM : 8GB DDR 4 HDD : WD 1TB For Windows And WD 500 GB For Hackintosh Bootloader : Clover
  10. Marcoosio

    clover autoboot windows issues

    I am trying to have my windows 10 partition be the defaultbootvolume to auto boot in clover, In the Plist I have tried entering the name of the hard disk, I have tried the uuid, I’ve tried the boot path, I have even tried LastBootedVolume, and none will autoboot windows, I have only ever been...
  11. bufferOverflow

    [Solved] Why doesn't recovery boot option work in Sierra?

    Recently, I installed High Sierra but unfortunately I had to downgrade back to Sierra due to numerous performance issues. But one thing I liked is the Clover version in High Sierra. It has a working recovery option into which I can boot and restore my Mac partition from the TimeMachine backup...
  12. MrAlexander

    Fool of a took. Cant boot. Accidentally removed clover boot options.

    I am the fool, in case it wasn't obvious. Anyway, I cant boot my once working hackintosh as, in my attempt to fix another issue, i have gone into "Clover Boot Options" and hit "Remove all Clover boot options". Due to my original problem i am unable to get past the apple loading screen and am...
  13. jwb96

    Clover always wants to boot OS X installer

    I just set up a new system using an HP 8300 with Clover, whereas before I was using Chameleon on my old GA-P55-UD2 on El Capitan, so Clover is new to me. The issue I'm having is that every time it starts up, Clover is defaulting to boot from 'OS X Install from Hack OS X' (Sierra installer)...
  14. aakrit

    [HELP] First time mac user : Cannot see mac boot options

    I had installed macOS sierra on my desktop. It worked great for a long time but today i cannot see the boot option in the clover bootloader. The hard drive works and it is not formatted,i can see 50GB is utilized but i cant find the option in clover to boot into the hard drive. it only shows...
  15. fandomius


    hi to everyone I decided to update clover from version 4077 to 4091 this morning and after downloading the latest version from and installing it successfully i did a reboot. After reboot, clover boot manager doesn't give me any boot options anymore instead it gets stuck and the...
  16. JiRongWU

    Can't boot from HDD

    hello everyone: I had install Sierra in my HDD, and used USB boot. After, I had installed clover to HDD and restarted computer. But can't find any disk for boot. I need to use USB to boot OS X, how can I solve this problem? I have 3 disk, one is SSD, had installed win10, and one HDD is used to...
  17. Gordsmith

    Can't Remove Clover NVDA_DRV=1 Boot Agr.

    Hi All, This is my first build and have had it successfully running El Cap d/b Win 10 for a week without much issue at all. I followed a guide to fix HDMI audio with SSDT-HDMI-NVIDIA-PEG0.ami file and the system would hang on reboot. I tried a load of things to fix it but it looks like I have...
  18. subho

    cant get into recovery mode in el capitan clover

    pls help,cant get into recovery mode in el capitan clover, i have gigabyte 7 series board thanks in Advance :)
  19. itech

    Stop clover from creating additional boot options

    I have managed to install el Capitan on my newly built skyline system with the help of you wonderful folks, all is well except for sleep. My concern is clover keeps creating additional boot options in the bios. I am booting with UEFI, I am only using one hdd I have reflashed the bios and have...