clover boot issue

  1. bocangr

    Acer A315-54-59NZ: OC: Configuration requires vault

    Good morning! I am trying to install MacOS Catalina 10.15 on my Acer laptop A315-54-59NZ. I have already created the bootable usb drive through Unibeast and I want to install it on a SSD drive. When I choose Verbose mode, I receive this message. After that, the installation is stopped: I have...
  2. skiezest

    Error loading kernel cache (0xe)

    Hey. I am trying to install macOS High Sierra on my PC. I used BDUtility to install the image to my USB. My Clover Version is r5127. I'm currently on Windows. I try booting up with the following attributes: '-v -no_compat_check', but I meet the error Error loading kernel cache (0xe). I tried...
  3. dealecth

    Clover Preboot/Boot Error

    I've been using my hackintosh for years. My machine is on 10.15.7 and runs smoothly for quite a while; However, I encountered a clover issue without any changes in the machine (maybe the system BIOS is upgraded in windows). I googled and seems this error is normal on OpenCore, but I am sure I...
  4. MichaelCatchpole

    Clover 5127 upgrade on Z270 / Kaby Lake - blank screen on boot / no apple logo

    My system has been around for a while but ahead of actually upgrading to Big Sur thought it useful to upgrade Clover. Upgrading Clover from 5112 to 5127 produced a black screen after selecting what to boot. I tried several variations with the upgrade such as migrating from FakeSMC to...
  5. idnib

    Someone with Success on Gigabyte Brix i5-4570R ?

    Hi, is there anyone who had succes with installing Clover R5126 or OC 0.6.3 on a Gigabyte Brix Pro i5-4570R and want to share their config.plist? I'm trying to test with a bootable USB and Clover R5126 and get the message: This version of Mac OS X is not supported on this platform. I've got...
  6. sassocalco

    MacOS freeze after Clover update 5127

    Hello guys, I wanna update to BigSur so I changed my system info to iMac 19 and updated kexts and all works fine. But after updating Clover (5102->5127) macOS boot freeze at apple logo without progression bar. I checked with verbose mode and looks like there is a problem with system library/...
  7. hlehofer

    Hackintosh no longer booting after Clover update

    I've updated Clover (if I remember correctly to 5125, the newest one) and my kexts (LiLu, WhatEverGreen, VirtualSMC) and now my hackintosh is no longer booting. Using -v option it shows the following message (see image). I've googled a little and are now a little confused as the found results...
  8. umsl

    Solved > USB Installer won't boot

    [Solution at Bottom] N00b here. First try at doing any of this. Installed lots of OSX but first try at a hackintosh. I have follow this guide ( and I still can't the USB to boot past the...
  9. Dan82

    Solved > Updating from 10.12 to 10.13 without selecting ApfsDriverLoader

    Hy all, I wanted to update Mac OS on my hackintosh from 10.12 to 10.13.6, so my first action was to update Clover to the current release (r5112). I choosed customize update but when I had to select filesystem pilots, I selected only VBoxHfs, not ApfsDriverLoader because I didn't remember 10.13...
  10. gabrycosta04

    (PROBLEM) AMD GPU not work in clover boot

    hi, my AMD GPU not work (blackscreen) in clover selector The card when is in pcie slot 1 not work in clover, but when is in pcie slot 2 (in slot 1 is my 1660 nvidia card) the card work in clover! (my card is identified!) My hardware is Sapphire R7 250x 2GB in windows 10 the card work perfecly
  11. Nehedar

    Preboot and Recovery options hidden on Clover boot screen

    I had to do Time Machine restoration, and discovered that those partitions —Preboot and Recovery— do not show, thinking the the latest clover version may fix this I updated to the latest version of Clover with Emulated NVRAM, downloaded from this site (v2.4k_r4961) Those partitions are NOT...
  12. Dave99

    Solved > Hackintosh only boots with USB Stick inserted (although it's formatted) / Mojave

    Hello guys, I'm totally new to Hackintosh and just made my way through by following the Installation guide of tonymacx86 for Mojave. My problem right now: I can only boot into the clover menu with my "ex-USB Installer Drive" plugged in although I formatted it after I finally got to the OSX...
  13. tylergassman

    Windows 10 Installer USB will not boot on new hackintosh

    Some background. I was able to easily boot and install the windows USB when I assembled this pc 2 weeks ago, but I decided to wipe the SSD and install macOS first using pastrychef's guide. I have the basic macOS install up and running, but when I try to boot from the windows USB UEFI partition...
  14. Carteromalone

    Loading kexts from LE won't Boot, have to use Clover Inject Kexts all the time

    Hello forum, I hope someone can help me. I have been running High Sierra for a while in my Build, and when upgrading to Lilu+AppleALC+WE I noticed I had config.plist - inject Kexts = YES instead of DETECT, so after upgrading and making Lile+AppleALC+WE work I was decided to make my machine work...
  15. umar263

    System restarts after booting macOS from Clover!

    Hi, thanks for reading. I have recently tried to install macOS Mojave on my HP Omen 880-p1xx. I have created the USB installer perfectly by following guides. Now the main issue is that when I press "Boot OS X from install macOS majove" from the clover bootloader, the system restarts and I have...
  16. zaddol

    Asus G75vx Stuck FakeSMCKeyStore: started

    Hi, guys! First of all, I'm glad of this forum. I read the many guides you write here, and, now, I'll try to install the Mojave in ASUS g75vx. This is my hardware: i7-3630QM 2.40GHZ with Intel graphics HD 4000 (ivy-bridge) RAM: 8GB 1600MHz BIOS: AMI 206 version Dedicated GPU: Nvidia 670mx...
  17. flatcat

    Help with ASRock Z390 Taichi, 9700k, Vega 64 OS Install - Stuck at booting into Installer

    Hello I need a bit of help in understanding why I’m stuck and how to get my new build moving forward. This is my third build, but it has been four years from when I built an z97 based system. That machine was easy to setup and maintain. Thinking big, I built something that should be fast for...
  18. FeedThePiano

    [Solved] macOS Mojave installation issues (Drive formats to FAT32)

    Hi guys, I'm new to the Hackintosh scene. My build: Mainboard: Gigabyte Z370XP SLI CPU: IntelCore I5 8600k GPU: Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8Gb RAM: 32GB Ballistix Elite DDR4 SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 120Gb (for macOS) && Samsung 970 Evo M.2 500Gb (for Windows) HDD: 2x3TB Seagate Barracuda (1 for Windows...
  19. MeloMilo

    System won't boot after updating Clover to 4784

    My system won’t boot after updating clover...
  20. iantelesf

    DSDT for Foxconn H55M

    Can someone help me find a DSDT for my MB its a foxconn H55M LGA 1156 Also My USB mouse and Keyboard work normally on clover configuration but when I boot to OS X installation they stop working and I can't go through it. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.