1. misfitbum

    Clone boot hard drive with EFI in Mountain Lion

    Hello, I have an old 10.8.4 Hackintosh I'm trying to get ready to be updated and I'm needing to clone the boot drive to a bigger SSD. I know CCC can't copy the EFI to the new SSD and I've tried several of the tools around here but haven't had any luck. I've tried EFI Mounter v2 and v3.1...
  2. vratnik

    << Solved >> Backup MacOS drive from Windows

    I have MacOS installed on 250GB nvme1 Windows installed on 250GB nvme2 a 8TB drive hooked to a raspberry in the other room I can backup windows drive using dd over network no problem from MacOS. Set to run regularly from cron. Occasionally I go to windows when want to play GTA so I'd welcome a...
  3. captainmoomoo

    Use SSD from a real Mac

    I've been using my personal Mac Pro 2010, which has been imaged with a corporate macOS installation with a bunch of company specific things. While I've loved the machine since I got it a couple of years ago, I'd really like to upgrade to something faster and I'm not ready to pay through the nose...
  4. davstrom

    << Solved >> Copying the EFI files to my cloned drive is not working

    I have a Hackintosh that runs well. I wish to clone a backup, just in case. I used the free version of SuperDuper to clone the drive. After that, I ran Clover Configurator from the Hackintosh to mount the EFI partitions, and I copied the EFI folder from the Hackintosh main drive to the clone...
  5. beardedRabbit

    Compressed Clone to a Bootable Installer (on 16gb flash drive).

    Hi. Is it possible to clone your system and then make from it an installer to install you system on a new computers? For example on Windows there is a method exists: you create a backup image of the whole system (for example install all updates, tweak system parameters, harden the os, install...
  6. RandomNumber

    Can't see Cloned external USB drive to boot from within Clover boot menu

    I made a cloned backup of my working Mojave SSD drive (HFS+) using Carbon Copy Cloner. I installed Clover to the external drive & then copied over my internal efi Clover contents (including config.plist) to the external USB drive efi partition. The Clover boot menu does NOT see the external...
  7. weplay00

    Clone SSD to external Hard Drive

    Hi guys, after many attempts I've got my hackintosh working perfectly on 13.5. Now I was wondering, is there any way that I can completely clone the SSD that I have the SO running on with every partition (EFI) to an external hard drive? So if I mess anything up on the ssd I can always boot from...
  8. RyanMathews

    Increase APFS drive size?

    My 250GB drive filled, so I cloned to a 500GB drive. However I can't seem to find how to use more than 250GB of the new drive. Here's my diskutil list, I believe Apple_APFS Container disk3, is the one I need to increase. I am currently booted off the 250GB drive, but can boot off either...
  9. Cookiefamily

    Cloning a existing Mac to a Hackintosh

    Hello, I am ready to build my first Hackintosh and I heard some people clone their existing installations of mac OS (10.12 in my case) to their hackintosh. However, I did not find a guide on how to do that yet, how do you start with that process? Do you set it up like usual and use the...
  10. isaiah3467

    Cloned NVME drive not listed in Clover (10.13)

    I am migrating my data from a working Hackintosh 10.13 SSD over to my new 960 Pro. When I disconnect the old ssd, I can boot clover from the 960's EFI, but the Macintosh HD is not showing up in the clover boot options. I have been researching this for the past couple days and it seems there are...
  11. wombat94

    EFIClone - automatic backup of the EFI partition

    I'm glad to present the first version of EFIClone - a shell script that, when combined with either Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper!, will allow fully automatic, one-step backups of bootable Hackintosh hard drives. CCC and SD! only copy the visible macOS partition - and leave the EFI partition...
  12. paulklaff

    Original MacOS and his new SSD clone don't boot anymore

    Hi guys, I bought a new SSD (Crucial BX300) to copy on it my operating MacOS Yosemite (from an OCZ Vertex) in order to work on the OS from the new one. But now no one of them is booting! it just get stuck halfway through the loading apple screen. I think it was pretty easy to do this but I made...
  13. menik

    Slower boot after SSD cloning ?! Improve booting speed ?

    Hey there, i am having a little problem since i cloned my System from a Intel 120GB SSD to a Samsung Evo 850 500GB SSD.. Before the clover information (testing hardware / scan entries .. ) is appearing, the screen stays black longer than before and also after choosing the OSX Disk, it stays...
  14. yungyulli

    Can you clone hackintosh hdd

    Hey im getting a larger hard drive and i was wondering if i just clone the older hard drive to the new one will it just be okay as it is? Do i have to reset the ddst's or is that only if you add extra hardware(like if i had 2 hard drives instead of 1) thank you
  15. julienscherliss

    Issue with switching to a new Hard Drive

    Hey I just purchased a new samsung 850 EVO HD to replace my old 128 GB HD. I used Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bootable clone. Afterwards I installed clover and copied the EFI using Clover Configurator. When I tried to boot it just sticks on the "loading operating system..." page. When I...
  16. srmusico

    Clone Mavericks SSD for Backup Notable (Hackintosh)

    Hi, im leaving Mavericks in my Hackintosh to Sierra. I have toons of plugins and all my music apps stable and working. I want to get this SSD cloned to my other HD. I have tried Carboon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper! But with both programs isn't botable and both copies with the same problem...
  17. Ledde

    Successful Sierra install -- How to backup / restore?

    Hi there, New to this forum and Hackintosh building. I have a general question. I'm sure it's been addressed on forums and guides out there, but I'm having a hard time finding it stated clearly. I just finished tweaking my Sierra 10.12.1 install. It's now stable and at a point where I am...
  18. dreinz

    Building an Hackintosh from a OS X Clone.

    Hi folks, i'm taking seriously to build an Hackintosh for Christmas, so i would like to know if it's possible to build the entire PC and just boot from my OS X Clone Backup instead installing OS X from scratch? I actually have a Macbook Pro Retina 15" 2013. Thanks! :mrgreen:
  19. deliad

    clonned my yosemite from hdd to ssd - now clover won't boot

    hi i clonned my yosemite from hdd to ssd using disk utility from usb installation - now clover won't boot the ssd yosemite still waiting for root device what should i do?
  20. Serge.H

    Dual boot Windows 10 and Yosemite by Cloning partitions

    Hello, I have a working Yosemite hackintosh running on my external hard drive, and windows 8 on my internal hard drive on my laptop. I want to buy a 2TB internal hard drive to include both OS's. Can i do that by dividing the 2TB HDD into 2 partitions, and then just cloning each OS to a...