clean install

  1. fotograh

    Updating from Yosemite to High Sierra-best approach?

    Hello everyone, i would appreciate a good advice on how to update my Hackintosh from current OSX (Yosemite 10.10.5) to the latest OSX possible. Since i have nVidia graphics card, i assume that Mojave would not be a good idea because of these issues with Apple not signing off on nVidia Mojave...
  2. Torrijos

    Old Hardware - Clean Install stuck at boot

    Hello guys! So my hackintosh is getting a bit old so I want to start upgrading it a bit, or maybe build a new one and give this one to my nephew... In order to ease him in, I want to make a clean simple install, through Multibeast, no DSDT or anything fancy. My issue : - Right now I run my...
  3. Kavendish

    [SUCCESS] Sierra Clean Install, GA-H87-D3H, GeForce GTX 950

    Initially, I tried to install High Sierra (tried both clean & upgrade from El Capitan options) but no luck. Then tried Sierra. Everything works perfectly, sleep/wake works well, only audio via Display Port doesn't work (I don't use it). My build: MoBo: Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H CPU: Intel Core...
  4. nervirasme

    Unibeast and Multibeast for High Sierra??

    Hey guys, I'd just like to ask if anyone has any update regarding the Unibeast and Multibeast for High Sierra, or if it's ever going to be released? I need do to a clean install and I just don't want to mess with the process manually because it's very likely that something will go wrong... Thanks
  5. RammerBee

    100%Noob. But i want a hackintosh so badly(Hp 450 g1)

    I need help badly, someone explain me these please. ---HP ProBook 450 G1 CPU: i5-4200M Ram: 8GB GPU: Intel 4600 + AMD 8750 SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 256 GB WIFI CARD: AR9565....or these two other cards other Laptops (Lenovo G50-80 & Acer...idk) ( BCM43142 or AR9462) Whats the most up to date MAC OS...
  6. Mand0

    Dual boot help!

    So 4 months ago I attempted to dual boot a Hackintosh with windows 10 and it worked until recently. See, I could not install the correct drivers and every time I went on mac os it would duplicate the drive so I tried to delete them and I believe I have deleted the wrong one. Can you help me get...
  7. calebhallahan

    GTX 960 Issue with Sierra after clean install

    After a clean install of Sierra on a new SSD I couldn't get past the apple screen with my GPU physically installed. Until I used the bootflags nv_disable=1 and nvda_drv=1. This got me past the apple load screen and I'm able to use the computer, however, the graphics are all broken. The graphics...
  8. NipZyy

    OSX 10.12 Sierra freeze at Z97-M PLUS + Intel I5 4690

    Hey guys! So as you can see from the title I have an issue. Back in the el capitan days I succesfully installed hackintosh on this same system but got bored and erased it. Today I decided to get back on track with the Sierra version with the following boot flags -v -nv_disable=1 and...
  9. fannar182

    My Hackintosh is a mess.. I need help doing a fresh install

    I built my first Hackintosh last week and it's a total mess. I installed Sierra and everything worked fine (the wifi included) but then I installed the NVIDIA Web Drivers and lost my Wifi and I spent nearly 4 hours trying to get it back by running MultiBeast again and again with different...
  10. justlucho

    My first try (newbie says hello)

    Hi. Before all, i am a newbie, cero experience in coding, programming whatsoever stuff regarding any language other than spanish and a little english I want to install MacOS sierra on my PC. This is my setup Mother: Gigabyte GA-Z97x-Gaming 3 Rev 1.0 Micro: Intel i7 4th gen 4790k RAM: Kingstone...
  11. rsf3077

    Clean Install Issue (Snow Leopard)

    I've been using a Hackintosh build on 10.8.2 Mountain Lion for the past few years and decided it was finally time to attempt upgrading to Sierra, but I'm running into issues at every turn. I'm using the hardware listed, and here is what I have attempted so far: Seeing that Sierra supposedly...
  12. Kyle K

    Updates or Clean Install of El Capitan

    Hello. I have a Hackintosh running 10.7.5 and have never updated. I will begin to lose some of the support for a number of applications soon. I would like to update to 10.11. My question is would it be better to go through all the incremental updates or just do a clean install of 10.11 and then...
  13. cborris

    Do I have to reinstall El Capitan to run Multibeast 8?

    Hi all! I recently bought my first Hackintosh and I got it just about 5 days or so before Multibeast 8 came out. As such, it came with El Capitan pre-installed and I am currently booting from the USB key that he sold it to me with. Am I able to just run the new Multibeast V8 without having to...
  14. cborris

    Using Multibeast on a non-fresh installation

    Hi all! I recently bought my first Hackintosh and I got it just about 5 days or so before Multibeast 8 came out. As such, it came with El Capitan pre-installed and I am currently booting from the USB key that he sold it to me with. Am I able to just run the new Multibeast V8 without having to...
  15. Gfiorav91

    Yosemite – Fusion Drive [From Scratch]

    Greetings! I have managed to successfully install Yosemite (i'm sure other versions will do) in an DIY Fusion Drive with (what I think) is minimum hassle and NO SACRIFICES (everything works). I figured I should give something back to the community. So, here goes nothing: Requirements are...
  16. 2-4-5 Trioxin

    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH not playing nice with clean install of 10.9.3

    I've tried absolutely everything to get a clean install of 10.9.3 working. Not only do I get a boot0: error every time I try to boot from my SSD (240 GB Crucial M500), but I also cannot get the sound drivers to install. Whenever I install them and boot back into OS X with the USB drive, I still...
  17. keithh143

    10.8.5 clean install on ga-h77n-wifi (help please)

    I had some issues updating from 8.4 to 8.5. so I thought it would be a good idea to do a clean install.. ya right.. I got ML from app store and used UB 2.1, no issues. when I run osx install, it gives me either "install failed" or just freezes at around "about 17 minutes" I have tried...
  18. EpopLesDeef

    8th Clean reinstall with Haswell & 10.8.5, still not working

    My setup: Gigabyte GA-Z87N-WIFI (BIOS F4, Optimized Settings, ACHI mode, IGFX) -LAN: Intel gBe and Atheros gBe -Audio: Realtek ALC892 -IGPU: Intel HD 4600 CPU: Intel i5-4570 3.2 GHz Haswell My HDD is connect to Port 1 My Tools: Unibeast 2.1.0 Multibeast 5.5.1 Most Recent Installation Guide...
  19. Exxxo

    HELP, How to get a clean Install of LION 10.7.5 on a UD3H B3 U1L with 560 GTX TI

    Hi everyone, it's been two days now then I want my hackintosh install clean and stable. My hdmi port was'nt working properly so I decided to do it well, from the begining. What did I do? I flashed my Bios F10 to UEFI U1L I did set up the bios properly I did a clean install with...
  20. gman45

    ML clean install

    I have ml installed but I messed up in multibeast. How can I do a clean install of mountain lion?? Please help!!!