1. Machinee

    Mac OS Classic - Clover Theme

    Mac OS Classic - A Clover Theme by Machinee (Work in progress) Created a Classic Mac OS Theme for Clover Bootloader. Thought I'd share it for anyone interested. It has the features of the Classic Mac OS with a modern look. Features Animated Banner Scrollbar Custom Icons Custom Font...
  2. NotTheReindeer

    Macintosh Performa 6116 CD

    Hello All. I am fresh to the forums and new to modding as well. I was recently at my grandmother's house and found an old Performa 6116CD in the basement; initially I thought I would just restore it and keep it classic. However, once I got back home (a 24 hour drive) I decided that I wanted to...
  3. ragev

    YAMC - Yet Another Mac Classic

    I am planning on doing my first classic conversion and I am writing this post primarliy to help me crystallise my thought. Feedback will be most welcome. My idea is that these beautiful machines should be useful once more. That is the only way they will be preserved outside of museums and...