1. close0ne

    I change Bus Speed and I broke all records ?

    Hi fellas, Today I tried change my config in Clover Configurator , I change under CPU Bus Speed Khz on 133,000 and I was stunned.. My system is i7-4770(locked) B85-G43 MSI(no option for overcloking) 4x4 1600mhz Vega 64 Clover v2.4-r4964 First I run test for baseline... Geekbench and Cinebench...
  2. jsfotografie

    Poor GTX 780 cinebench performance with stock driver 10.13.6

    Hey all after a hard fight i got my upgrade from 10.10.4 to 10.13.6 done :) on my very old Gigabyte x58 u5 mainboard with also an old gtx 780. i installed on a fresh 250gb ssd :) after i installed multibeast the graphicard is correctly recognized and as the system runs now without a problem so...
  3. Emilio Gonzalez

    Half performance on open gl in cinebench after high sierra upgrade

    Hi I'm getting a pretty low open gl perfomance on my gtx 660ti 3gb in High Sierra. In Sierra I used to have an average of 51 fps but in high sierra this number dropped to an average of 24fps. I tested with the mac os native drivers and with the new nvidia web drivers but the results are pretty...
  4. Money

    Xeon E5 V4 like E5 2699V4

    Hi, does anybody knows how to get Yose or Capitan run with the New Xeon E5 v4 Processors? Got a e5 2699v3 in Yose running. Cinebench r11,5 is 21,8 (only 15cores with HT so 30 Cores - more dont work) Now i got some e5 2699v4 but looks like they need another Kernel... Anyone got any infos?
  5. Niels1310

    Nvidia 346.02.03f01 10.10.5 Performace improvement

    I've just installed the 10.10.5 allong with the 346.02.03f01 nvidia web driver update. I ran cinebench r15 and noticed an 16% improvement in open GL performance. On 10.10.3 with 346.01.02f02 my system scored 77.50 fps at it's best. On 10.10.5 with 346.02.03f01 my system scored 88.13 fps at...
  6. andreanigo

    GTX 770 performance Yosemite

    Hello everyone, yesterday i installed my Yosemite on my rig i74930k GAx79UD5 16Gb ddr3 Dominator Platinum Palit GTX 770 The GPU worked OOB, so I made some benchmarks, and i discovered that in Cinebench r15 it scores 61fps. I think this is not normal, because in my Windows7 partition, in...
  7. donnonotin

    Alarming Cinebench results between native 10.9.5 and Win 7

    I am running a GTX 760 by EVGA and a core i7-4770k CPU and I noted today that there is a fascinating difference between Cinebench scores of Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.9.5. Comparatively there is a 43FPS loss in rendering ability in 10.9.5. Plain and simple here are my scores: w/ NVIDIA Web...
  8. creativedb

    Slugnet Video Editor build 2013 - Questionable Cinebench results!!!

    Hi all Was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this; I have 16gb Vengeance RAM and GTX 660ti running on my hack and when running cinebench on mac I get a huge decrease in FPS rate: Mac (OSX Lion) - 65fps Win 8 - 95fps Does anybody know why there is such a drop on the mac side...
  9. Bkido

    Sound & Performance Issues in 10.9

    Hi, yesterday I installed OS X 10.9 which worked fine after using a custom Bios and DSTD-Profile. My first Problem now is that my Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Sound controller is only working in setup and at the first boot before Multibeast configuration. After booting with the...
  10. coljaboy

    Motherboard Switch leads to Performance Drop?

    Hey Guys, I just switched from a Gigabyte GA-Z77N to an MSi Z77MA G45. I used to be getting geekbench scores of around 15000, but now with the new motherboard, I am only getting around 12000. Same thing with Cinebench, my previous scores were usually high 7's, but are now mid 6's. Any reason...