chrome freeze

  1. bufferOverflow

    Solved > Chrome hangs at Black Window on new Hackintosh

    Recently, I built a new Hackintosh with below configuration: HP EliteDesk 800 G4 with following configuration: CPU: 8700 MB: Q370 GPU: AMD WX Pro 4100 One weird thing noticed is Chrome is hanging at black screen. I tried following command and still the same problem. /Applications/Google...
  2. coscos

    (Near) Perfect High Sierra Setup on Z77x-UD5H / Ivy Bridge i5 / RX 560

    This post is not intended to be an end-to-end guide to demonstrate hackintosh installation and setup. There are already many great posts for that. I want to focus on some small, but critical features after your machine is up and running. Specially on this popular, but old architecture. It's more...
  3. coscos

    RX560 / Z77X-UD5H: Chrome random freeze / Unstable Hardware Acceleration

    My hackintosh almost works perfectly except hardware acceleration not working stably since I installed RX560. Chrome would random freeze when browsing some websites. Once the system is frozen, I can still move my mouse. I can also ssh into this machine from another computer. However, all UI...
  4. alfonsohuang

    [Solved] Perfect & Easy Chrome and safari freeze problems

    My build Gigabyte H77N For long time, I can’t use it for Hackintosh under Sierra, sometimes it freeze. After search lots information on this amazing site, still can’t, even turn off Integrated Graphics Processor. Yesterday, after install high Sierra. Still happens. Today I solved this freeze...
  5. rishi44

    YouTube freezing on Sierra 10.12 and Google Chrome problem

    Hi Guys, I recently built a new setup with a i7 6700k, z170N gaming 5, RX 480 and got everything functioning finally. Only problem I am having is that YouTube is freezing on Safari, I cannot get any video to load and the homepage doesn't even fully load. I also cannot get Google Chrome to load...
  6. Fleo

    Chrome freezes my Hack

    Ok I have had this trouble ever since I upgraded to Clover and El Capitan. My computer gets the spinning beach ball of death way too much when I am in Chrome. Chrome will freeze and the only way to get out is to click out of the window into the finder and that kind of jerks chrome back to life...