1. tonymacx86

    Z690 Chipset and Alder Lake CPUs

    This is the Z690 Chipset Motherboards and Alder Lake CPU general compatibility thread. Please note these are just released and have no Intel Mac counterpart for compatibility. For reference here are some links to parts on Amazon: Intel Alder Lake CPUs: Z690...
  2. terpa540

    Compatibility and installation hackintosh on MSI

    Hello to the whole community. To introduce myself, I can only say that I have been working with hackintosh equipment for some time but without understanding the different ways of installation and their compatibility, from what I can say I am a newbie. By necessity, I am trying to install on my...
  3. Xportables

    Q6600 with G45 graphics support?

    I have a q6600, 5gb ddr2 and integrated g45 graphics chipset laying around. I already tried to run some things with clover and the clover thingy boots. But not further to macos Is there a version of OS X where the old g45 chipset is supported? And.. is there a chance to just run any apple os on it?
  4. DannyKolev

    Z390 CHIPSET AND I9 9900K?

    Hi. I build brand new pc with these components: CPU Intel Core i9-9900K MOTHERBOARD Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER RAM Kingston 16 GB, DDR4, 3000, CL15, HyperX х2 GRAPHIC CARD Asus 1070Ti Strix 8GB SSD SAMSUNG 960EVO NVME 256 LIQUID COOLER ARCTIC LIQUID FREEZER 360 PSU Be Quiet! POWER ZONE, 850W...
  5. zzmadd

    Need for info about compatible chipsets

    Hi, I've seen on the web sites there are quite exhaustive lists of compatible motherboards and CPUs. Those lists show the motherboard name, the form factor, the audio adapter, the video ports available, the ethernet adapter. Those list don't show, for example, the bluetooth adapter, wifi...
  6. Penedo

    Firewire cards - Which one I should buy...!?

    I am running Pro Tools 10 and Logic X, with lots of plugins installed, and it works flawlessly, really great... My audio board is an MBOX-2, connected by USB... And now I decided to buy a DIGI-002, and it is FIREWIRE, instead of USB... Since my computer has NO firewire connections, now I need to...
  7. RobOnTheBob

    How to identify wifi network of a motherboard

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the Forum. I'm Roberto from italy and it's my first hackintosh built. As title says i'm wondering how to know the network and lan names of my motherboard as i need them during installation. Those names are currently listed in tonymac buyer's guide for most mobos but not...
  8. Memses

    Which Chipset? (LGA1155)

    Hello guys, i'm new here so excuse me if i do something wrong. A little Story: Yesterday, a friend gave me a fully functional I5-2400S. My main computer have a AMD A10, so i cant install mac os x on it. I decided to build a hackintosh with this I5. My Problem: I searched a motherboard for the...
  9. ACB14

    Asus G771JW compatibility

    I would like to know if my laptop is OS X compatible. Chipset Intel® HM87 Express Chipset Processor Intel® Core™ i7 4720HQ Processor, Networking Integrated 802.11 b/g/n or 802.11 ac (WiDi) Built-in Bluetooth™ V4.0 10/100/1000/Gigabits Base T Graphic Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4600...
  10. AGuyWhoIsBored

    Sleep Not Working - Intel 9 Series Chipset

    Hi all, the sleep on my computer isn't working. After maybe 10 minutes the display turns off and the computer goes to sleep about 5 minutes later. When I wake it up using the keyboard & mouse the LED on the case turns back on solid and I can hear it wake up from sleep, but there's no display on...
  11. Bdribbs95

    H97 Chipset Compatibility

    Hello I have a ASRock H97m Pro4 motherboard and I would like to know what versions of OS X is compatible with the H97 chipset. Thank you
  12. trs96

    What Chipset?

    The two main ones are Z97 and H97. Get a Z97 if you want an over clockable "K" cpu or an H97 if you want a non "K" cpu that you can't overclock. These are for the Haswell refresh processors like the 4690K or the 4790K. You could use the older Haswell ones ie 4670K or 4770K but the two 90's...
  13. VroepVroep

    Socket 1150 vs 2011 for audio production

    Hey all! So, I'm on the brink of getting myself a completely new rig, exiting stuffs! Now, I'm a composer. I work with applications like Sibelius, Kontakt and Logic Pro. Especially Logic Pro can really utilize your processor to it's full capabilities, including all cores. But as of now I'm...
  14. Apevia21

    Deciding between two motherboards

    I built my new system with the GA-H81M-HD3 because it was a very cheap board and seemed to offer a lot for the price. Now I am finding that i need more than 4 data ports so I am buying a different one. Either the GA-H87M-HD3 or the GA-H87M-D3H. Anyone with either of these boards who have any...
  15. JamesOSX

    Audio Chipset ALC275 - High Definition Audio Codec Chipset. Manufacturer: REALTEK Compatability

    Hi, I've recently ordered a Snow Leopard Disc of Amazon, and after looking through loads of threads, decided to try to check all the parts in the laptop to check compatability. I would appreciate any help on if the audio is compatible, thanks in advance :) Audio Chipset ALC275 - High...
  16. Burtalmighty

    Mountain Lion Hackintosh + Hardware Advice + What size PSU?

    Hey guys, basically below is a list of my parts and the prices I can find them for. I'm pretty confident that they're compatible, but should I be considering other parts? Is my chipset okay? Is that a decent graphics card? All advice is welcome! ALSO How big a power supply unit am I going to...