1. christofski18

    Chimera previously hidden partitions show up again

    I modified the org.chameleon.Boot.plist to hide a couple new partitions using: <string>hd(1,1) hd(1,2)/<string> ...and it worked as expected. After some hours of use on both the mac and windows side, I restart and they showed up in the bootloader screen again. I checked the plist and it was...
  2. Darrduck

    Issues installing a clover install of El Capitan on my Chimera Hackintosh

    Greetings, So I am trying to install El Capitan on my Hackintosh using the install guide on this beloved website. I used unibeast to install the boot loader on a USB and all went great. I then tried to boot from the USB after switching my BIOS over to UEFI and Legacy and when I try to boot into...
  3. rune_grøn

    Can't find Mach_Kernel after I tied to boot from another disk

    Can't find Mach_Kernel after I tried to boot from another disk Hi all My hack has been running fine for a long time, but since I tried to boot another hackintosh installation, through my primary bootloader, my primary hack wont boot :( My setup: disk 1: yosemity and chimera 4.1...
  4. troorl

    How to switch from Clover to Chimera?

    I tried to use Clover, but it doesn't work well with my installation, so I want to switch back to Chimera. I run Multibeast (for Yosemite - it's my current system), as I did before, checked Chimera, and everything went fine. Except one thing: after restart Clover loads again, as if nothing...
  5. SpeedbirdTurbo

    Moving from Chameleon/Chimera to Clover with a clean install of OS X

    Hi everyone, I have been hackintoshing for a while, with a stable install on my system. However, I feel that something's wrong all the time when I boot (just a gut feeling), and I think the time is ripe for me to move to Clover (which I hear is superior to Chameleon) and do a complete clean...
  6. quikkon

    Triple boot, windows 7, 8 and yosemite boot problem

    Triple boot, windows 7, 8 and yosemite boot problem (solved) Hi Guys, thanks in advance for everything! I read a lot but cant find the answer to my boot problem. My pc has 3 1tb drives first drive: Yosemite hackintosh working ok second drive: w7 third: windows 8 (i think installed on...
  7. a1337

    Picopng.c, non-recoverable error, system halt

    After changing the background.png in the Extra folder, I realized that Chimera didn't support resolutions of <1080p. I identified the problem, but had no way to fix it. I've tried using MacDrive, but it does not allow me into the EFI partition on the disk, so I can resize the background.png. Is...
  8. Peskyleo

    Hackintosh not using Clover

    I recently upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan, I didn't do a fresh installation OFC, but I installed 10.11 over Yosemite. Before upgrading I used Chimera or Chameleon as a boot loader, now I seem to be forced to use clover. El Capitan boots from the Unibeast USB with UEFI clover (boot without...
  9. saidhaj

    White Apple logo and progress bar stuck

    i've been trying to install the damn thing for 2 days now. at first, i tried with Unibeast 6, which uses Clover as a bootloader. That didnt work out cuz it would get stuck at one point during the progress bar with the apple logo and reboot, knowing that the verbose wrote DSMOS has arrived...
  10. patrickmacx64

    Will wiping HDD remove Clover?

    I've decided to do a clean install for El Capitan, but I haven't wiped my HDD yet. I just want to confirm that wiping the HDD and clean installing OS X El Capitan (with MultiBeast) won't leave me with a corrupted bootloader. Thanks.
  11. kitkatball

    Issues with chimera

    Hello everybody, I just build my hackintosh this week and I got some issues for post installation. I think that comes from Chimera. Here is my config first. - Yosemite 10.10 (no updated) - i5 3570k - Z77-DS3H - SSD 256Gb Transcend - GTX 970 Everytime I reboot, Chimera's theme doesn't fit as I...
  12. ccyrano

    UEFI GTP Partition Dual boot Yosemite/W7sp1 with Chimera/Multibeast: Possible?

    Hi, I have a very nicely running Yosemite/Windows 7 build on UEFI only GTP SSD drive.:headbang: The dual boot with clover works like a charm and I could not be happier were not for one main issue. The whole point for me to have a customac is to use it for doing music editing with Pro Tools and...
  13. Wanchufley

    I can't get chimera installed on my pc

    [SOLVED]I can't get chimera installed on my pc I've recently done a hackintosh in my pc, i have 2 hard disk, one with w10 and another with yosemite, so my hopes were to get the chance to choose between booting with w10 or yosemite, but my surprise was that by default the hard disk that the pc...
  14. GabeDamien

    Sudden boot0 error, no idea why —*how to repair?

    Hello, My hackintosh has functioned well for many years now. I've always waited before upgrading OSs until the kinks have been worked out. This last weekend I went on vacation and turned off my hack, which was running 10.10 Yosemite, booting via Chimera. I did not install El Capitan —*at...
  15. nicksilverstein

    Can't Find Kernel in Software Raid 0

    When I use OS X with software Raid 0 I get "Can't Find /System/Library/Kernels/kernel". I used Chimera 4.1.0. What can I do?
  16. gesuald

    Problem with Chimera boot loader

    I have a problem on my laptop lenovo ideapad Z560 Intel core i3 nVidia 310m 4gb RAM I installed mavericks and everything works but I am not able to boot the system with Chimera: when i turn on the pc it says boot0: error Can anybody help me?
  17. rerouted

    Chimera to Clover testing with RAID?

    I currently have Chimera and want to move to Clover as that seems to be the new way to go. Following MacMan's suggestions I created a new 10.11 USB stick with Unibeast 6.0 and Clover UEFI. To test my system I rebooted and had it boot off the USB stick into Clover. The issue is that it only shows...
  18. nicksilverstein

    Will Mutibeast 8 and Unibeast 6 support Chimera in El Capitan?

    I use Chimera in my Hacintosh. I can't use Clover because I don't use a DSDT file. As far as I know Clover requires a DSDT file. So, will Mutibeast 8 and Unibeast 6 support Chimera in El Capitan? Will there be an updated version of Chimera for El Capitan? Thank You!
  19. jorma

    From Mavericks/Chimera to El Capitan/Clover

    Hello, I am currently running OS X Mavericks by using chimera and I soon would like to upgrade to El Capitan by using Clover. Here is my configuration: Intel Core i5-3570k 3,4 GHz Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3P 16GB Ram Since I am no expert I would like to ask for some help. Is it possible at all to...
  20. jonahcolor

    Chimera: Apple Logo for a second, then reboot! Help!

    MOBO: H97M-ITX CPU: Intel i3 RAM: 8 GBs Graphics: Integrated Intel So I used Unibeast to install Lion onto my USB and everything was going swimmingly, and when I booted to Chimera for the first time, I pressed enter and the following is the chain of events that ensued upon pressing enter...