1. filipeko1991

    Bootloader not loading Maverick and update to windows10

    hey, i desperately need help. I had dual boot on my hackintosh runing maverick for years(mulitibeast and chimera bootloader) 2. I have booted from this pendrive, and run installation and came to screen where i have did a format of a partion where i used to have windows 7. I had two diffrent...
  2. Mohicanspap

    Kernel Panic after Nvidia Driver Installation

    [RESOLVED] I've been successfully running Yosemite 10.10.5 on Chimera/Chameleon for over a year now. Bought a 980 Ti and decided to finally upgrade to Clover boot loader. I installed Nvidia Web drivers with no hassle or errors and now I get a kernel panic. I also tried making a new boot key...
  3. freaker

    Chimera doesnt boot after clover installation in another drive

    Sorry, this is a duplicated post. Real one
  4. freaker

    Chimera doesnt boot after clover installation in another drive

    Hi I have a big problem. I made a clone of my osx in another drive to test the upgrade process from Mavericks to El Capitan. I wanted my main os to be safe of any mistakes. I took al the precautions i could. I upgraded this cloned drive, and then proceeded with multibeast. I was ver careful...
  5. leoberpo

    Performance difference related to the bootloader used (Chimera x Clover).

    Hey, guys I wonder if anyone has noticed any performance difference in their hackintoshes related to the bootloader used (Chimera x Clover). My system consists of a motherboard Asus P5P43TD + Core2Quad Q6600 + NvidiaGT740 + 12GB Ram DDR3 1333 + Samsung SSD 840 EVO. I have both the Yosemite and...
  6. DManHD

    [Tutorial]How to install Chimera bootloader

    Hey guys, in this video i'm showing you how to install the Chimera v4.0.1 bootloader,enjoy with your hackintosh..Feel free to ask questions if you have about it!
  7. GiuGiu

    Panic cpu 0 caller

    I installed chimera as a bootloader, but when I start the hd with el capitan me from this error even if I insert the usual boot flag (-v dart=0 nv_disable=1 kext-dev-mod=1 -x -x cpus=1): panic cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800031caa6 How do you solve?
  8. HeavyArms

    Can I follow the El Capitan guide if I haven't switched to Clover yet?

    Can I follow this guide if I haven't switched to clover yet? I'm trying to find a clear cut instruction on how to switch, but I there is so much information regarding Chimera and Clover...
  9. khora02

    How do I update Yosemite to El Capitan?

    So I basically have a Windows and a Mac Partition both installed on one HD. How do I update my Mac OS X Yosemite Partition to El Capitan without losing my files and still having the bootloader available to me on boot? Note: Using the Chimera bootloader
  10. g_force1391

    Chimera legacy problem

    hope i'm posting in the right place, if not i'm sorry. I'm trying to update from mountain lion to El Capitan. I've made the unibeast usb drive as per the instructions on this site but upon restart after installation of El Capitan the machine runs chimera instead of clover which of course...
  11. coolblue8

    Win 10 & 10.10 Boot Issue (Chimera)

    Hey everyone, So I attempted to dual-boot my Hackintosh today (GA-Z77-D3H, Ivy i5, single HDD) and I can no longer boot to chimera. It automatically boots to Windows. I have read around and apparently it has something to do with UEFI, but I had my BIOS set to UEFI + Legacy. When I use iBoot...
  12. DougDimmadome

    [solved] Major Bootloader Dilemma

    Hello All, I have a completely working Yosemite install on the x401a, everything is working. Except for one thing, Clover. To preface this, this laptop ONLY supports UEFI booting. So that means I cant use Chameleon or Chimera. Hence my problem, the laptop boots perfectly off the Chameleon...
  13. Spencer7220

    Everything Works EXCEPT iMessage

    Everything is working except for iMessage. Including the App Store. I can download free apps just fine. (I haven't tried purchasing yet). Whenever I launch iMessage, it shows that my account is 'inactive.' It won't let me log in to iMessage and instead will spit out an error. It seems that most...
  14. fedo35

    Can't get bugs out of Yosemite installation/post installation.

    Here's what I've got. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD7 TH LGA 1150 Z97 Dual Thunderbolt 2 ATX Motherboard CPU: Intel Core BX80646I79790K i7-4790K Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.40 GHz) Graphics: EVGA GeForce GT 740 4GB GDDR5 Dual DVI mHDMI Graphics Cards 04G-P4-3748-KR Other Hardware: Crucial...
  15. RB1988

    Need help in installing bootloader to Yosemite Vanilla installation

    Hi,I have created a bootable USB using Unibeast and file. I have successfully installed Yosemite into my Dell Inspiron 3521 laptop. I have full graphics and I successfully updated to 10.10.5. I used Multibeast to install additional kexts and SMBIOS and basic boot options.OSX has no...
  16. Jippa_Lippa

    [Urgent] Backed up an old OS X installation but forgot to install bootloader. I'm Stuck (I can only

    Hello. I backed up an old OS X installation (Chimera), and i deleted the original one without remembering to install chimera on the newly backed up drive. Basically i now have 2 drives, a windows one and a mac one, which is un-bootable. I can't create a unibeast drive from a windows machine so...
  17. khora02

    Bluetooth Keyboard on Bootloader screen

    Hi guys, Is there any way i can get my bluetooth keyboard working so i can choose the desired OS on the bootloader screen? Atm i can't use my keyboard/mouse until i actually log into the Mac OS. It works perfectly fine except i just want i to work in the bootloader screen so i have an OS to...
  18. khora02

    Update Yosemite to El Capitan

    So i basically have Yosemite and Windows 10 booted on a single HDD with the use of a partition. However i just wanted to ask whether it's possible to update the Mac side of my partition and still have my Windows 10 OS and files intact as well as my bootloader so i still have the option to choose...
  19. buddhov

    Chimera doesn't work

    Hi there guys! I have an issue with Chimera bootloader. I would appreciate any help so thanx in advance, I'm not really experienced in it. The problem is that I tried to solve an issue of a long startup (and yes I've changed VGA and so on in BIOS and that didn't help) and decided that if I...
  20. Cl3V3

    Can I upgrade to El Capitan from Yosemite on Chimera?

    I am finally making the upgrade from Yosemite to El Capitan, can I go straight from Yosemite 10.10 that is running on Chimera straight to El Capitan 10.11 that uses Clover? Do you think I'll have any problems that will conflict with the existing Chimera bootloader on my system now? Thanks in...