1. sonicseamus

    Upgrading Old Build from Chimera/Yosemite

    Hi all, It's been a while since I've been on these forums! I have an aging but still kicking Z68 build that I've been lazy about updating but am now planning on getting to the latest and greatest. I hear OS upgrades are cake once you're on Clover, so I figure I might as well update to High...
  2. Fjordn

    [Solved] Choose which OS to boot to before restarting?

    (apologies for any incorrect terminology; it's been a while since I messed with my installation) tl;dr - is it idiotic to use a script to alter the .plist file on my "Boot OS X" volume so I can restart into any OS, bypassing the need to manually select one at the bootloader? I dual-boot...
  3. Jippa_Lippa

    Is it possible to update a Yosemite Chimera Installation to High Sierra?

    Hello. I did my hackingtosh in 2014 with yosemite and i didn't want to change, but the latest release of Adobe After Effects requires 10.11 at least, so i'm forced to change. I installed my system with chimera; is it possible to directly update it to High Sierra? (is it also recommended?) I...
  4. fuskysam

    Need Chimera UEFI files

    Hey there, I had my Hackintosh running for a while and I let a friend install Grub and he installed it on my Hackintosh's EFI-Partition. We were trying to fix this and extracted the EFI files of Clover from a USB-drive we created with Uni-Beast but my Hackintosh won't boot with Clover...
  5. Beckertrekker

    [SOLVED] Hackintosh keeps rebooting after Bios Update

    Hey there I use chimera as my boot loader. After I switched my cpu (from i5 4590 to i7 4770k) and Updated my Bios, the Bootloader restarts after Starting Darwin x86_64. Can someone help or send the link to a similar question? I´ve already tried the usual Bootflags, with and without the...
  6. Solvoid

    Backing up questions ("dd" command, SuperDuper, Time Machine). Preparing to upgrade OS.

    I am getting ready to upgrade my OS from Mountain Lion 10.8.2 to either El Capitan or Sierra. I unplugged my 128GB SSD boot drive and plugged it into my dad's CentOS 6 machine (which BTW couldn't read or mount the hfs+ Mac OS Extended(Journaled) file-system). On that we used the dd command "dd...
  7. Zxios

    Switch from Chimera to Clover [Yosemite]

    Hello! I'm using Chimera to boot Yosemite, but as it does not work with my GPU I would like to be using my (already-working) Clover plist. I already have Clover installed to my SSD, but I can't boot into it. It is overridden by the already installed Chimera, which by the way, is just giving me...
  8. kaushik.wavhal

    Ocassionally Random boot failure

    I've recently purchased and installed MSI GT710 to my system and managed to get full QE/CI with the following flags but only ocassionally. PCIRootUID=1 nvda_drv=1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes But 4 out of 5 times, the boot gets stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport but the system doesn't...
  9. ancheno

    boot0 issue

    Hi I know that this is a known issue, and I have read more or less all the threads about it in this forum. My problem is that actually I cannot boot at all in my computer, not in Yosemite, not in the rescue disk not even in Win7 (it was a dual boot with Yosemite on SSD and Win7 on a HDD)...
  10. spencerw

    Upgrading from Mavericks to Sierra with Chimera?

    Hello, I currently have a dual boot setup with Mavericks and Windows 10 using Chimera v3.0.1. Is it possible for me to upgrade to Sierra, or do I need to start over with Clover? Thanks!
  11. cfaber

    Can I boot both a Chimera drive and a Clover drive on one computer?

    Gigabyte Z170X Designare Motherboard Intel i7 GeForce GTX 970 I've got my new build up and running with Sierra. This is a new install and I want to move slowly over time from my other computer. As I transition, I'd like at times to boot into my original boot drive and at other times into the...
  12. magneto538

    Unable to boot from hard drive - Asus S56 post-installation

    Hello folks, I am working on an Hackintosh build on an Asus S56 laptop. Amongst some major issues with AICPM - which I will take care of later - I am having issues with the bootloader. I am using Multibeast to do the job. From Multibeast I select Chimera and then I install it on my main hard...
  13. ltpitt

    Reinstalled Chimera on Mavericks, SMBios.plist cannot be found

    Hi all! Sadly, after a forced shutdown, my Chimera bootloader stopped working on my perfect and shiny 10.9 install. I managed to reinstall Chimera using the newest installer from Download section. After that I've restored my Extra Folder. Then, at boot, I got: Error: SMBios.plist cannot be...
  14. Diamondmac

    Gigabyte GA-X58A-OC i can´t boot without nv_disable=1 -f

    hi, am trying to install mavericks for first time but i cant boot whitout the flag nv_disable=1 and -f i dont know why i tried every forum already and thats why im stating this one, by the way my graphics card its a ecs geforce 9800 of 1gb thanks a lot for any possible help
  15. filipeko1991

    Bootloader not loading Maverick and update to windows10

    hey, i desperately need help. I had dual boot on my hackintosh runing maverick for years(mulitibeast and chimera bootloader) 2. I have booted from this pendrive, and run installation and came to screen where i have did a format of a partion where i used to have windows 7. I had two diffrent...
  16. Mohicanspap

    Kernel Panic after Nvidia Driver Installation

    [RESOLVED] I've been successfully running Yosemite 10.10.5 on Chimera/Chameleon for over a year now. Bought a 980 Ti and decided to finally upgrade to Clover boot loader. I installed Nvidia Web drivers with no hassle or errors and now I get a kernel panic. I also tried making a new boot key...
  17. freaker

    Chimera doesnt boot after clover installation in another drive

    Hi I have a big problem. I made a clone of my osx in another drive to test the upgrade process from Mavericks to El Capitan. I wanted my main os to be safe of any mistakes. I took al the precautions i could. I upgraded this cloned drive, and then proceeded with multibeast. I was ver careful...
  18. leoberpo

    Performance difference related to the bootloader used (Chimera x Clover).

    Hey, guys I wonder if anyone has noticed any performance difference in their hackintoshes related to the bootloader used (Chimera x Clover). My system consists of a motherboard Asus P5P43TD + Core2Quad Q6600 + NvidiaGT740 + 12GB Ram DDR3 1333 + Samsung SSD 840 EVO. I have both the Yosemite and...
  19. DManHD

    [Tutorial]How to install Chimera bootloader

    Hey guys, in this video i'm showing you how to install the Chimera v4.0.1 bootloader,enjoy with your hackintosh..Feel free to ask questions if you have about it!
  20. HeavyArms

    Can I follow the El Capitan guide if I haven't switched to Clover yet?

    Can I follow this guide if I haven't switched to clover yet? I'm trying to find a clear cut instruction on how to switch, but I there is so much information regarding Chimera and Clover...