1. random-name

    Warning/Report: Booting Clover on a real Mac can be dangerous

    TL;DR Clover messed up my Mac's firmware, had to remove logic board, reprogram a really tiny chip with a Raspberry Pi, countless hours wasted. Also, I LOVE Clover...on real PC hardware. But don't boot it just for fun on your Mac, you'll maybe regret it. I just wanted to report my experience...
  2. bnd555

    I have Ruined my Macbook Air

    I tried installing 10.12 to an external hard disk through MBA with Flash drive. 1) I inserted Unibeast Flash Drive to MBA 2) USB Hard disk to another port. 3) Selected Flash Drive for boot up and installed 10.12 on USB HDD 4) On restart selected newly installed USB HDD (EFI HDD) 5) Macbook air...
  3. GiuGiu

    Problem install Bootloader

    Hello everyone, how do I install the bootloader so you do not have the avian ssd with el capitan thanks to stick? I tried to install pipe dream but it gives me this error (booting from the SSD stick does not give me this error): panic cpu 0 caller But if I try to install clover when I click on...
  4. nicoSWD

    Boot Sound / Chime

    New Startup Sound (Chime) Launch Daemon I made a new launch daemon that plays the boot sound/chime on startup. (Currently in beta!) Unlike most similar apps, this one adds a new launch daemon that plays the sound, meaning, it runs much earlier during the boot process, even before the login...
  5. LarzJ

    Mac Startup Chime V2 - Using Arduino

    I've made a new apple chime PCB I use an Arduino ISD 1820. From Dealextreame: The chime plays when power is on. I short the play button. I use the original speaker of the G5. Preview...