cheap build

  1. FableArman

    Buy advice help

    Hi, so I've never built a hackintosh before. I wanted to know if the new i3 9100f and the mobo Gigabyte H310M H 2.0 would be a good fit. Does this cpu and its mobo have the requisites to run mac os Mojave? Thank you in advance!
  2. yCatDev

    What is the minimum nvidia graphics card with the Metal v2 API for Hackintosh

    Hello everyone. I am build Hackintosh and need cheep graphics card with Metal API Support for OS X Mojave. Maybe Gigabyte GT 710 1gb GDDR5 (64 bit)?
  3. Tpixelminer

    Looking for a DDR3 motherboard!

    I have a few DDR3 ram sticks that I found in an old pc and I want to save costs and build a Hackintosh using them. Basically, I want to get a motherboard that is cheap as possible and can take DDR3 ram. I am willing to cut corners to be able to build a Hackintosh that is cheap as possible. I...
  4. hullcity1904

    The Cheapest Hackintosh Possible!!

    Hey Guys, I am looking at building the cheapest hackintosh possible. For basic uses like Spotify and Browsing. I don't know much about them but am very confident with building one. I'm hoping the processor will be 2.6 GHz or faster. Already have a monitor and a 250GB HDD if that will be any...
  5. aaronshackedmac346

    Cheapest Hackintosh Build

    What is the cheapest hackingtosh build I can make with 16gb of ram?
  6. perDog12

    RAM Compatability

    I am trying to do a very "cheap" build for a stadium to play music off of iTunes only. Right now, RAM is the one thing that I can really cut down on price-wise if the situations that I give are compatible. And will I be able to mix and match the RAM brands as well?:crazy: Situation 1: One 4 Gb...
  7. JacobusTracks

    First build, will these components work with Mavericks ??

    Hello ! Trying to build cheap but ok built, for mainly music editing. I want to install mavericks on it. Also im going to use the intel HD4600 graphics ! Please take a look at it for me ! Parts i found : Cpu : Intel i5 4570 Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-Z87M-D3H RAM : D3 8GGB 1600-8 BX Tactica...