case mods

  1. wise-rice

    PowerMac G5 Case Modding Project - mATX & ATX Conversion - Barebones - Mac Pro Alternative

    So, I am officially crazy... I bought 26 Powermacs (G5) And I modded them ALL They are now ready for ATX and mATX Mainboards… But why 26? Did I mention I was crazy?! (And they were only sold together…) I modded G5 Cases before – They kind of became my passion. This time I wanted everything...
  2. pablobtown

    G5 Mod Help

    So I bought an empty Power Mac G5 tower today, my parents picked it up because the guy on craigslist was very close to them, and they are coming home tomorrow morning. So I haven't been able to personally play with it yet :( However I know I will need help with it. -Where can I find an...