case mod

  1. albertodlh

    Supercharged G4 Cube Mod: i5, GTX 750Ti and 3TB 3.5” HD in a cube!

    Yes, I know. How. Freaking. Original. Yet another G4 Cube mod. But believe it or not, about a year ago when the idea first popped in my mind, I was naive enough to think nobody had come up it before. When I found out it was actually a “thing”, I was more than a little bummed. So much, in fact...
  2. jkltech

    Powermac G4 mod (First Case Mod Second Hack)

    I recently finished my first hackintosh and wanted to try and mod a G4, i found a great deal and purchased an empty case and began taking it apart! I just spray painted this week and will hopefully begin getting it ready for an mATX mobo. I used a dremel to cut out the back io, so far so...
  3. iCan-Mac

    PowerMac G4 Mirror door case mod

    still a bit of tidying up to do and some decisions on painting some parts, but I'm happy with the machine and its outcome as a case mod, clearly still a bit of work to go. Deciding where to place the PSU took a week of pondering, id seen others who had gone for shuttle PSU's but I wanted more...
  4. iCan-Mac

    Intel HD4600 on gigabyte H87m-H3D SL

    Hi all my first post, just built a gigabyte H87M-H3D with Intel core i5 3.2Ghz quad into a power mac mirror door mod. Everything is in, SL is on using multi beast, issue I'm having are: machine boots goes to tonymac screen loads then resets straight after apple logo screen. Osx 10.6.8 not...
  5. leopoldporkstacker

    Porkstacker’s G3 hackintosh

    I have many spare Powermacs lying around– G3s, G4s, etc., so I decided to try my hand at stuffing PC guts into one of the cases. I’d originally planned on using an AGP G4, but then realised the process would be much easier with a G3 Yosemite case. I just happened to have one, but it is not...
  6. ikeiho

    Build a New MacPro

    Anyone wanna try building a HackPro in this thing? It'd really be awesome.
  7. drewBANG

    Missing G5 Motherboard Risers. Alternative for Lian Li etc Mobo Tray.

    I am currently embarking upon my first Hackintosh project and G5 case Mod. I am, right now, at the stage where all my internal components are sitting in wait of a shell in which to be installed, very frustrating! I will post my build in another thread later, though I thought I would post this...
  8. xiamandrewx

    Low Profile Graphics Card for Ambitious Custom Build

    Hello all! I want to build a mini ITX system for small scale graphic design for websites and it will also function as a daily use PC and occasionally for some gaming. Now for the ambitious bit.. I plan to build this CustoMacPro/Mini inside of an XBOX 360 Slim case. So my obvious obstacle is...
  9. idiom

    GLaDOS Mac G4 - Science is fun

    APERTURE SCIENCE COMPUTER ENRICHMENT Hello, This project is my second conversion of a Power Mac G4 to an Intel-based Hackintosh. Here's a link to my previous project: Since my last project was centered around taking an old...
  10. dellosx86

    Vintage HiFi seperates hackintosh build!

    Hi there! this will be my first thread I've ever made so please bear with me. I had noticed a few people had built themselves systems inside of old stereo separates before, (there are probably already threads similar to this one on here already, if i find them i will add links or feel free...
  11. cab3

    My Hackintosh G5 Black Edition

    Hi everyone, I recently finished my Hackintosh G5 case mod and just wanted to share the results :D Sorry for my bad English. I mainly use it as a gaming machine but sometimes i also use video editing or photoshop on it. System Specs: CPU: i5 3570K Mainboard: MSI Big Bang z77 Mpower (awesome...
  12. SYDE

    Removing stock standoffs

    I've seen online that it's possible to remove the stock mobo standoffs without the use of a dremmel (or any blade) but just with pliers, drill and/or a hammer. Has anybody here done this? If so, could you explain how it's done. This is currently the biggest roadblock in my mod/hack. EDIT: Or do...
  13. Meizirkki

    Dell 690 into G5 case YES IT FITS ;)

    Hi there! I registered to get access your awesome downloads section, now that I'm here, I might just as well post what I've been working on! :D So, I acquired a Power Macintosh G5 few weeks ago and quickly noticed PowerPC's are rather worthless these days. Silly alcohol-induced idea took over...
  14. brammee

    Hackintosh Pro - PowerMac G5 2004 model

    About half a year ago I bought an old (but good looking and scratchless) second hand PowerMac G5 2004 model including all working components. A very good deal, but since the components were 8 years old I decided to strip down the whole case and make myself a Hackintosh with a triple boot OS X...