case mod

  1. seantheblake1992

    PowerMac G5 PC Case Mod...yet again :) (build log)

    02/03/2020 Introduction: I will start by saying admitting I have done a G5 conversion before, about 8 years ago, I was generally unimpressed with the result and it didn't become a permanent feature of my desk as it represented to many shortcuts and quite a bit of impatience on my part. Here...
  2. Matthew92007

    Removing Top Shelf Mac Pro 1,1

    Hello everyone, i'm losing my mind trying to remove this darn top shelf. I've taken out every screw that I've seen others online do, but it just won't budge. Pictures below, what am I missing?! Anything help Thank you!!
  3. mustangboast

    Powermac G5 Case Mod

    Hey Guys! Been a follower of the community for sometime now and always wanted to try this mod out for myself. I recently acquired a working Powermac G5 off my local classifieds for only $60! AND I promise I will either use or give these working parts to someone else so that they can live on! ;)...
  4. fallingscales

    Wood case

    Hi everyone, I've been using my Hack for work for ~3 yrs now, but my wife encouraged me finally (and I quote): "go get your s*** online." So here's the build! Big thanks to the community here for all that you do. Without the build guides and forums here, I never would have been able to get the...
  5. vittopascu

    No-Compromise PowerMac G4 Case Mod

    Dear all, A bit of context first. I started this mod about four years ago, it took about a month to bring it to something very close to the current configuration. However, I have been improving it since then and now I feel like the time has come to publish it here, as it could be of some help...
  6. wise-rice

    WaterMac - Apple Powermac G5 Case Modding - Watercooling experiments

    I wanted to push watercooling to the most. Silent. Level. possible. While gaming and also for working. Quite a challenge and a lot to learn. Thoughts on water-cooling: It always depends on the use-case if water-cooling is more silent than air-cooling. My personal experience: Air-cooling is...
  7. NuclearLemons

    Mac Pro 2008 Clean MATX 240mm Liquid

    Hi! just joined the forum as a way of paying back all the incredible and thoughtful advice provided by the community towards this project. Cannot thank you lot enough! I have decided to create a build log on the forum to continue the wonderful trend of mac pro conversions, Hope you guys like...
  8. dokotr

    PowerMac G5 Mod - Untouched Exterior

    Hi Gents, I decided to build a my PC in the some old fahsion case and then I found G5. I like G5 case exterior so decided to do a cutting on interior, only. As I do not using any Apple device, running PC on W10. Mod Main Facts Untouched Exterior with 2x USB, Audio Output, MIC IN, Ethernet...
  9. aaantonis

    [Completed] Xserve 1,1 case mod, the "xDellver"

    Hi there everyone, A few weeks ago I answered a local Craigslist ad about an Xserve with dual "550 series Xeons", for 150 euro. I immediately thought that it had to be a 3,1 Xserve and that they probably meant 5500 Nehalem Xeons, that can be officially be upgraded to El Capitan, and the guy...
  10. galher12

    Power Mac G4 Stormtrooper Case Mod

    Hello everybody! My parents are working with Macs for a long time now and I have 3 old Power Macs G4. For this summer, i wanted a project to work on so I decided to mod one of the G4s just for fun. In this thread, I will update my experience and progress for this awesome mod. I decided to go...
  11. Adamcarter

    Making the XRaid Great again! Ultimate Modification.

    Hello Folks, Almost a year ago. I read a forum post on another website of of a guy named xxredxpandaxx modding an old apple XRAID. Essentially Gutting the unit and painstakingly soldering sata through the mother board to allows the caddies to hold SATA drives. It was a great idea and it got me...
  12. DifferentComputers

    Figuring cooling needs on PMac Graphite case?

    Hello all, first post here. First attempt at building ANY computer. I've been a professional mac guy for 20+ years though. Handy in the shop, I have lots of tools. What I don't have is a handle on things that long time builders probably know in their sleep: how to determine cooling needs. I'm...
  13. sanoayyk

    Black'n Gold PowerMac G5 MOD (SSI-EEB)

    Hi guys, I've been working on G5 case modding for some months and finally managed to get it almost Completed. The concept of my build is a case for ultimate high-end workstation or gaming rig. Which can hold large SSI EEB mobo to support dual CPU configuration and possesses 9 expansion slots so...
  14. HandsomeCoder

    Can someone tell me what the two chip attached to my G5 case are for

    I'm moding a G5 (A1093) and after striping the interior I've found a few chips attached to the case on the top and side. Can anyone tell me what they were for? Pics can be seen here:
  15. pippoppeo

    iMac G5 x86-mod uATX Mainboard?

    iMac G5 x86-mod with uATX Mainboard? Hello again :) A long time ago I planned a cube mod, but they are much too expensive - also the new hardware:problem:. In this time I made my first Hackintosh:headbang:, a Lenovo/IBM T61 with 10.6.5 and 10.7 (Lion is very slow on it :S). And now the old...
  16. onienzeru

    OniEnzeru's G5 Mod Hackintosh - G5 Phantom

    ***This is my first post here on tonymac, so please let me know If I'm doing something incorrectly.*** Hey guys! Here is my latest hackintosh project - The G5 Phantom. Components: Chassis: ---------- Powermac G5 Motherboard: ---- MSI z97M Ram: ------------- 16 GB HyperX Fury...
  17. shelbyone


    Hi there! just signed up because I finally got a cube that I can use to bring it back to life and read a lot about existing case mods on this forum.Unfortunately, I cannot send personal messages to the creators of my favorite mods since I need to have 50 posts before I can do so...( :))...
  18. mushin

    My First Mac Case Mod (G4 Graphite)

    So I have been running OSX on PC hardware all the way back since the Tiger days on a variety of computers that I've owned. However this is the first time I built one into an OLD Mac case. It took some work but I had a blast doing it and it turned out great. So here are the meat and potatoes of...
  19. albertodlh

    Supercharged G4 Cube Mod: i5, GTX 750Ti and 3TB 3.5” HD in a cube!

    Yes, I know. How. Freaking. Original. Yet another G4 Cube mod. But believe it or not, about a year ago when the idea first popped in my mind, I was naive enough to think nobody had come up it before. When I found out it was actually a “thing”, I was more than a little bummed. So much, in fact...
  20. jkltech

    Powermac G4 mod (First Case Mod Second Hack)

    I recently finished my first hackintosh and wanted to try and mod a G4, i found a great deal and purchased an empty case and began taking it apart! I just spray painted this week and will hopefully begin getting it ready for an mATX mobo. I used a dremel to cut out the back io, so far so...