case mod g5

  1. seantheblake1992

    PowerMac G5 PC Case Mod...yet again :) (build log)

    02/03/2020 Introduction: I will start by saying admitting I have done a G5 conversion before, about 8 years ago, I was generally unimpressed with the result and it didn't become a permanent feature of my desk as it represented to many shortcuts and quite a bit of impatience on my part. Here...
  2. mustangboast

    Powermac G5 Case Mod

    Hey Guys! Been a follower of the community for sometime now and always wanted to try this mod out for myself. I recently acquired a working Powermac G5 off my local classifieds for only $60! AND I promise I will either use or give these working parts to someone else so that they can live on! ;)...
  3. dokotr

    PowerMac G5 Mod - Untouched Exterior

    Hi Gents, I decided to build a my PC in the some old fahsion case and then I found G5. I like G5 case exterior so decided to do a cutting on interior, only. As I do not using any Apple device, running PC on W10. Mod Main Facts Untouched Exterior with 2x USB, Audio Output, MIC IN, Ethernet...
  4. aRawFilmProduction

    Mac G5 Mod

    Original 2013 post: This was my first ever Mac G5 Mod. Decided to keep it simple and retain as much of the original case as I could. Originally I had a Gateway Laptop that I decided years back to try and run MacOS. That's the first time I ran OSX Snow Leopard, it was a frustrating process but...
  5. Shakalad

    My first case mod G5 microATX (i don't speak english)