1. rn10950

    Graphics Card

    I was planning on purchasing this cheap PCIe card. Will it work? What will I need to do to make it work? And BTW can I use any SATA DVD drive? EVGA GeForce 8400 GS 1 GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 DVI/HDMI/VGA Graphics Card, 01G-P3-1302-LR
  2. xadusx

    Sound - Motherboard question

    I have a msi p67a-gd65 b3 motherboard. I heard some of my friends were telling me that they had to buy a new sound card, because it wasn't working, do you guys know based on the motherboard type I just given above that I will have the same problem? Thanks.
  3. LePresident

    A change in graphic cards

    Hello! Say I wanted to change my old graphic card (NVIDIA GeForce 210) and swapped it for either a 8400GS or 8800GTS would I need to run MultiBeast or install any kexts? And what low budget but good Hackintosh graphic cards would you recommend? Thanks:beachball:
  4. akoper

    Is this video card compatible? New to all this

    ] I want a high end card to meet and exceed my gaming needs, but I want to make sure this will be o.k. to use with Hackintosh. Any help or other suggestions would be helpful! Was also looking at the gtx 690 but it doesn't seem...
  5. ssmith43654

    Triple Monitors?

    Hi, I have a hackintosh running 10.7.4 with a Geforce 9500GT 1GB. I currently have 2 displays connected to it which is the maximum this card supports. I want to connect my third monitor and I am not sure how should I: Get a cheap Ati Radeon 9200 PCI which works with mac os x? Get a...
  6. nazrm

    New GFX card: Silent with mini-DP working

    Any suggestions? I'm running a 5870 Eyefinity now and it's ridiculously loud. (silent in windows, though.) I need a new card anyway, so I'd like to know if any of you have experience with a card to those specifications. Doesn't have to be very powerful, same as 5870 is fine.
  7. UnKnown375738

    Z77-D3H Audio

    Hello all, First off congrats on the new site, looking GREAT! What's the best soundcard (any type) to get sound working 100%? I only need audio in and out so nothing TOO fancy. Selection I can choose from are linked here (Sound cards - Find the best prices, information and user reviews) or...
  8. InfinityDose

    FireWire Compatibility Question

    Hi everyone. Someone I know would like me to build them a hackintosh for video editing. I think it's important that they're able to use an external FireWire drive to move their project around when they need to, but this is adding a little confusion for me. Are FireWire PCI-e expansion cards...