1. zaheer111

    Need help with Dlink DGE 530T PCi network card

    First of all Hi to all members, Guys I am installing Catalina 10.5.3 and my board lan is not working anymore. I bought Dlink DGE 530T Pci card and I did not find any kext that will work with this card can someone please help me I am stuck on Installation. Btw I am using OpenCore Method.
  2. Jippa_Lippa

    What's a decent bluetooth PCI card compatible with OSX?

    Hello. I regularly use my magic mouse, keyboard and other accessories with a bluetooth 4.0 dongle, but the connection isn't very stable. I'd like to purchase a decent bluetooth PCI card to install on my hackingtosh, but I know compatibility of such peripherals with OSX is a bit tricky. Any...
  3. RowenDJ

    Fresh installation of Catalina

    Hello! I have a Hackintosh with High Sierra and NVIDIA graphics card and I want to buy a new graphics card to be able to update to Catalina. I want to do a fresh install of it, I have all the data on a second hard drive so only need to reinstall the system on the SSD. These are my system...
  4. developerhendy

    Buying a new Graphic card support Mojave

    Hi all hope you are all fine. since nvidia didn't release Mojave drivers yet and only god knows when it will launch i decided to buy amd graphic card to upgrade my device to mojave to be a replacement for my GTX 1050ti card. as i remember AMD graphic cards is supported in Hackintosh now I am...
  5. Josejoram

    Disabling unsupported wifi card from DSDT/SSDT

    Is it possible to do this, much like with discrete graphics cards? Some context - I ordered a dw1560 in order to achieve a fully functional Hackbook, but meanwhile I'd like to know if it's possible to disable the current card to save power. Any guiding is welcome.
  6. JaredWard

    Best Plug & Play Graphics Cards?

    Hey guys, looking for some buying advice on graphics cards. Just wondering what the best options are for plug & play cards? Meaning, you just plug them in and they work without any tinkering with drivers etc. - right now I'm using a XFX AMD Radeon 280X which is a fairly good plug & play card but...
  7. patana93

    Network Card Choice

    Hello everyone! I'm a new owner of an hackintosh. The configuration is: Motherboard: AsRock z170 pro gaming i7 Ram: 64GB GSKILL GPU: MSI GTX970 Processor: Intel i7 6700K I'm looking for a good network card, i tried to see the buyer's guide but the some link (for italy) shows different cards...
  8. ashwingopinath

    Change in Clock frequency of graphic cards

    Will the change in clock frequency of the graphic cards of the same model effect the hackintosh???
  9. fadis96

    BCM94322MC PCI-E Adapter

    Hi all, I was given a Wifi and bluetooth card (BCM94322MC) extracted from an iMac. Will this be supported in the latest versions of OSX and what adapter can I buy?? Im running OSX 10.13.4 Thanks in advance
  10. giacomo.dessi2303

    SD Card Reader don't work

    Hi guys... My laptop works well with macOS High sierra... the Card Reader is recognized by macOS But don't work... any ideas?
  11. Bapple

    New Hackintosh(er) - WI-FI & Bluetooth Conundrum!

    Hey all, I got a second-hand PC for pretty cheap that I want to run Mac OS on. The key specs are as follows: i5-4690k GTX 770 16 GB RAM Asus Z97M-PLUS Motherboard There's currently no onboard wifi/bluetooth, so naturally I would like to acquire and plug in a card(s) for wifi and bluetooth...
  12. uchika96

    MacOS won't boot after replacing WiFi card with BCM94350ZAE

    Hi, after replacing my WiFI card with BCM94350ZAE I can't boot MacOS. I will attach verbose boot photo and clover configuration before replacing (which was proved to be working). BIOS model: 0VCN26WW(V1.10) Did I have to install some kexts before replacing the wifi card? Thanks everyone.
  13. uchika96

    PCI Express Mini Card advices

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for a cheap wifi replacement for my lenovo 510s. I have listed the following cards and prices (according to my country) following this post: bcm94322hm8l 7,90 eur aw-nb290h 20 eur bcm94352z 23 eur bcm94352zae 15 eur dw1390 7 eur dw1470 18 eur dw1490 11 eur dw1510...
  14. awesomeepicguy

    Ping Fluctuations.

    Hi guys, I first wanted to thank the community here for helping set up an almost perfect hackintosh! However, in the past few days I have noticed a recurring problem with my ping. When constantly pinging a set server, the ping goes in a cycle where the ping is normal for 2-3 seconds then spikes...
  15. AWY12

    Fenvi DT92

    I made the mistake of purchasing the wireless card that this site recommends. As many of you already know, the link now sends you to purchase the DT92 card from Amazon, since the correct card is out of stock. Has anyone had any luck with getting it to work in Sierra 10.12.6? If so, how did you...
  16. johnthegreat

    graphics cards that will work natively with el capitan

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me some graphics cards that will work out of the box with el capitan?
  17. Bogdanmm

    LAN Card that works with MacOS

    Hello, I have a problem. I installed MacOS Sierra on my PC but everything works. The network card does not work I have looked in the forum but for 10.12 nothing I want to buy a new network card but I do not know which one. I would like it to be compatible with 10.12 without installing kext...
  18. razor1995

    Looking for Wi-Fi half-miniPCIe card for Sierra

    Hi, I have Sierra 10.12.5 installed on my Lenovo P580, and I'm looking for Wi-Fi card for this hackintosh. The requirements are: - native handling on Sierra (or easy install), - half-miniPCIe size, - it can be only 300Mbps, no matter, Previously I had Intel AC-7260, I sold it since installed...
  19. bountyhunter

    NVIDIA GTX Titan Compatability

    I've already built a working hackintosh and I'd like to upgrade my graphics card for game development. From what I read online GTX 980 Ti work and so do the Titans. I've found some cheap cheap deals for the Titans online but I'm not too sure if these are the same ones that are compatible. First...
  20. Trey999

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 Overclocked GDDR5 Pcie Video Graphics Card, 4GB

    is there something better for the price +/- $100?