capture card

  1. Kujruchnu

    Hackintosh for Theatre/Qlab 2016/skylake

    Hi guys, I'm realy new in building stuff like pc, especialy to Hackintosh and I was diging alot an find out what you're awesome comunity so i decided to use some help and get advice for awesome hackintosh build. First of all i need some help/advice in purshasing hardware this is a list what I'm...

    Small form factor hackintosh, what are my options? 780 and capture card

    ​Have recently seen and fallen in love with the corsair 250d case and love the idea of a small form factor PC/hackintosh that still packs a punch. Almost an elite Mac mini. I want to install a gtx 780 maybe ti if drivers updated by then, need wifi and also want to install a capture card (aver...