1. kamiloxnumetal

    If i reboot el capitan dissapears from clover

    Hi, i'm trying to do a hackintosh with this old computer: CPU: Intel Pentium E2200 , Conroe, LGA 775 Motherboard: Intel D945GCNL (supports AHCI, Legacy Bios only) Ram: 2 GB DDR2 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 610 I just added VoodooPS2, VoodooHDA, and RTL8111 kexts, video with qe/ci works out of the...
  2. Ssking

    How to fix sound assertion in APPLEHDADriver at line 3593 & 1088 in OS X El Capitan

    Hello... i am ssking....hope all are well. Now i am using Asus n43jf laptop 1st generation core i 5 460m 4gb ddr 3 ram 500 gb harddisk Intel graphics 1650 mb and Nvidia geforce gt 425m 1gb ddr3 now i am using yosemite 10.10.5 nicely but i installed capitan 10.11 but when boot from...
  3. DJGuardian

    GA-Z97X-UD7-TH | i7 4790K | GeForce GTX 1060??? (El Capitan)

    Hello, This might be a dumb question, if so, the answer should be fairly quick and simple. I want to update the Hardware on my "Mac Pro" [SEE SIGNATURE - 1ST BUILD]. Can the EVGA GTX 1060 work on the Gigabyte z97x series motherboards?
  4. kosakgroove

    [SOLVED] Wake from sleep Reboot El Capitan EP45-UD3LR

    Hello forum! I come asking for help. I am a programming student and am currently learning Java and Swift, including MySQL and HTML & CSS and some others, so it really is important to have a working stable build. I have achieved this! Am currently rocking my Gigabyte EP45 UD3LR with a...
  5. Eglez

    Intel nuc 5i3ryh

    Hi, I installed the Mac OS Sierra in my nuc 5i3ryh but I dont know what I need for Post-installation and how to do it.somebody can help me? Something else: My friend has a nuc 5i3ryh and he installed MacOS El Capitan.What he need and how he can do for the Post-installation?
  6. Eglez

    el capitan intel nuc 5i3ryh

    I want to install el capitan in my intel nuc 5i3ryh but I need the Sebinouse_20151101.Please, Anybody share to me.
  7. kosakgroove

    Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and Webcam don't work after sleep

    I have an Asus X550LDV that is running Mac OS X 10.11.6 and 99% of it works beautiful. My only issue is that sometimes after sleep the USB 2.0 port , the Bluetooth and the webcam stop working and only a shutdown followed by a cold boot repairs this problem. Sleep works perfect although this...
  8. Zack24790

    Seeing Audio Outputs but Not Working

    After toiling over this for hours on end I have finally gotten to the point where if I go to system settings I can see all of my output options. However, this world is a cruel one, because although I can see all my output options, none of them seem to be working.. Any advice? The way I got...
  9. Zack24790

    So close.. (audio issue)

    I'm not the most knowledgeable person about this so right off the bat your going to have to dull this down for me. I was able to follow the instructions and install El Capitan on my build and everything is running perfect! Except no audio... Tried downloading and running the 1150 driver...
  10. papaman56

    zotac gtx 970 amp extreme core compitability

    It says it all in the title. I plan on making an el capitan build. mini itx ga-h170n. core i7-6700. 32gb ram crucial. 500 gb samsumg 850 evo ssd. nhl9i cooler. rvz02. corsair sf-600. lg ultrawide 25 inch. i've got everything else sorted out but the graphics card. is this bad boy...
  11. 4aban

    error 254 migrate from HDD 2Tb to SSD 1Tb El Capitan

    Hello everyone! :wave: My total size of system and user files about 100Gb I was try copy HDD in Disk Utility right in Recovery HD. She said "Could not validate source - error 254". Please safe my time! :beachball:
  12. daikez

    Fully Compatible this Hardware for hackintosh?

    Hi I'm thinking about to buy this build but not sure if full compatible Board: Gigabyte GA-H170-Gaming 3 Processor: Core i5 6600K Ram: 8 GB 2400 ddr4 SSD: Kington 240GB SD: Toshiba 1TB video card: Gtx 950 SC I refer if the board will go perfect together whit the processor, I take all of this...
  13. daikez

    which is better? Gtx 950 or Gtx 960 "hackingtoshable"

    Hi guys, recently im thinking about to buy a better Nvidia Card, im looking gtx 1060 but is pascal and i read there is not drivers im trying to look more options like 900series so my question is which is better (obviusly the 960), i reffer to which is more "hackingtoshable" which work properly...
  14. caardo

    Success [..almost..] with El Capitan - i5 2500 SandyBridge - ASUS p8h67-m - nVidia GTX560

    Hi guys, first of all I want to sincerely thank this fk_awesome community. I almost found every solution to the issues i had in trying to install the damn thing on my pc. I am writing this post to share some tips and tricks that helped me and also to ask some advice for what it is still to fix...
  15. SweetLights

    Hackintosh shuts down at apple logo (El Capitan)

    Hey guys, My hackintosh has been running fine for about 5 months now, but now suddenly it won't boot anymore. It always shuts down during the loading at the apple logo... I haven't done any updates so I really don't know what I could have done wrong... Maybe you guys have a solution? Thanks...
  16. AGuyWhoIsBored

    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 - Sleep Issues

    Hi all, I've recently finalized my install of El Cap on my new laptop (Dell i7559-2512blk), and now I've noticed whenever I wake up the laptop from sleep (it goes to sleep fine), it wakes up immediately, and then freezes (clock seconds stop ticking) and then I have to force reboot ... It...
  17. Tertuliano

    Post install boot stuck on apple logo

    Hi. Everything was working great on my 10.11.5 system. Today I was copying files between a sd card and a usb stick. All of the sudden, Finder stopped responding. I tried to re-launch it, but it didn't work. I tried to shut down the computer, but it was taking a very long time to do so. Since I...
  18. SystemRoot345678

    Error while installing El Capitan

    Hey guys, I've done already the first 3 steps from then i booted my pc from my usb stick and i started it with the boot command -v and -x . And thats the error that shown...
  19. Fred321123

    Am I able to hackintosh this LapTop?

    Hello, I have experience on PC hackintosh'es, but none in LapTop ones. I got an i5 5200U 2.20Ghz, 8Gb of RAM DDR3, Nvidia 930M 2Gb, Intel HD 5500 (up to 4Gb) and I know its needed more information, I'll be putting some pic's of CPU-Z + Windows Details and Drivers. You can see all prints in...
  20. schwingel

    El Capitan 10.11.4 Bluetooth Dongle not working

    Hi Everybody! My desktop hack work fine and smootly running El Capitan. but i can't make the bluetooth work. Ok. I'm trying to use a cheap dongle. But, keep in mind I live in Brazil and buy a IOGear dongle will probably cost more than my cheap bluetooth keyboard. So, I'm trying to use this...