cant boot

  1. cabsix1

    i am stucked in the black screen

    Hi i just get a few days all the parts of my new custo mac. When I boot for the firsth time with unibeast it came with the boot screen of chimera an then I applied all the combinations of PCIRootUID=0 and npci=0x2000 etc and i still get stucked in the black screen. Before verbose mode and safe...
  2. janyon

    Cant boot to Chameleon

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question. I have a lenovo Z580 i5-3210m IvyBridge, HD4000 running Mavs 10.9.5 and Windows 8. I have both Win 8 and Mac installed on the same SSD. Windows is on the first partition and Mac is on the second. I believe Windows is on a UEFI partition, and Mac is not...
  3. xnick101

    Can't boot after installing clover

    I am new to hackintosh and I was trying to fix my iMessage problem. I downloaded clover off a youtube link and now when i try to boot to hackintosh it says Mavericks isn't a compatible OS. I tried running rboot but it keeps saying mach_kernal missing. I've tried every boot flag I could find but...
  4. rav3lo

    Z87X-UD3H i5-4670k Mountain Lion installation problems

    [SUCCESS!] Z87X-UD3H i5-4670k Mountain Lion installation problems Hi, this is my second build so im still fairly new to building these hackintosh. I took this build right off of the "December 2013 CustoMac Pro" Build. This is my build: -Gigabyte z87x-ud3h -Intel core i5-4670k -Corsair 500R...
  5. Fran122157

    Kernel panic with System definition

    Hi, i have a problem when booting my mackintosh i can do it in safe mode and some times in verbose mode but i keep getting KP and it makes mi hack unusable. usually this is what i get i tried reinstalling all my...
  6. coolcorey1

    After install cant boot

    Hello I can boot up into install just fine and will install after i restart it will boot normaly no kernal panics or errors and then i just get a white screen on both monitors and no setup screen with a cursor and then a beach ball spinning around. i have tried pcirootuid=0 and...