cant boot

  1. AlexGrozX

    << Solved >> Guys HELP. Restore EFI partition dual boot windows.

    Hello I broke my system. I have an EFI backup. But I cannot load in to Mac OS. When I connect my USB boot drive it causes a kernel panic and I can't even boot in to (clover boot loader). I can boot only to my Windows 10 (dual boot). I use (Mac Drive 10) to access my Mac OS drives. But how can i...
  2. NiKroMaze

    Problem with High Sierra installation.

    Hello guys. Before I start, I want to apologise for my bad English. Today I just finished making my usb with unibeast 8. When I tried to install Macos High Sierra, the apple logo showed and loaded a bit, then just freezed. I followed the instructions and settings, I tried it few times but it is...
  3. svampefett

    << Solved >> Can't boot: "AppleUSBHostController::hardwareExceptionThreadCallGated: 0x00000010"

    My OSX shows alot of: AppleUSBHostController::hardwareExceptionThreadCallGated: 0x00000010, and "attempting recovery.. did not synchronize" when booting, then suddenly shows forbidden sign. I have dual boot Windows and OSX on the same computer, i have run it like this for over a year, but...
  4. AScorzi

    Kernel Panic - Cant Boot - Need Help

    Computer was working completely fine. I decided I wanted to be able to use ethernet so I used the latest multibeast to install the correct ktext. I rebooted fine and proceeded to use the computer. Upon another reboot this morning I can no longer get into the machine. If I just do a selection...
  5. khatopro

    Cant Installition High Sierra 10.3.5

    When i begin installatition prohibitorie symbol with this
  6. ryansandlin

    Kernal Panic After 10.13.3 Update

    So I just downloaded the latest sierra update (title says 10.13.3 but that was wrong) thinking it would be no different than any other update, just a quick restart with only needing to update nvidia drivers. However, after restarting, my hackintosh goes into a kernal panic and tries to reboot...
  7. Ajbros2

    Sierra Will Not Boot From SSD

    Just recently built a computer from parts from the buyer's guide (i5 6500, Asus Z170-E) and followed the step by step guide to install MacOS Sierra on this system. Everything went smoothly from Creating the USB drive and booting/installing the OS onto the SSD. The big problem is post...
  8. dcpro11

    (HELP) Hackintosh for Music Production / El Capitan

    Hi guys, I built an Hackintosh with the following items: - MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon - Intel i7-6700K - Corsair H60 Water Cooler - 16GB RAM Crucial Ballistix Sport - 250GB SSD Samsung Evo 850 - Corsair CS550M 550W No Graphics Card for now! I will buy one later! I followed all the guides...
  9. LizzieIzzy

    Help me please. I have problem with instalation Macos Sierra on my laptop.

    Hello, i have a problem, when I wanted to boot Macos Sierra on my laptop it was frozen. I tried different flags but it did not work. I had an os x Mavericks on my laptop but I wanted to upgrade to Sierra but it did not work anymore. I do not know what to do about it. Please help. My laptop...
  10. Ajbros2

    Cannot Boot from my El Capitan SSD no more :(

    I was trying to fix my icloud, facetime and imessage on my hackintosh by following iDiot's Guide to imessage. I created a new config.plist file and instead of choosing mac pro (what i originally put to define the system) i chose imac 4790k to see if that would solve the problem I tried and...
  11. vdasp.patrick

    Disk Utility Can't wipe USB

    I used clover installer and made an USB drive with EFI. Now that I installed MacOS on my desktop I wanted to wipe the USB to use it again, however, when I try to wipe the drive it comes up with an error and I can't partition it or wipe it. Mounting and UnMounting is not a problem. tried deleting...
  12. cmn699

    Can't boot (prohibitory error).

    Since you are using the Integrated Graphics which I think is Skylake Intel HD 530, I hope you have already taken steps to edit the config.plist to avoid Graphics Glitch you will be facing on install. From your description it looks like the USB port to which your installer is inserted is...
  13. gr8est2nz

    [Solved] Help needed! ASROCK Z170 Extreme 7+

    Hi! I am new to this forum and this is my first hackintosh...I am having problem booting into clover...I select the USB with installation and nothing happens?? Tried both installation guides for Sierra and for Yosemite. All the parts are listed as compatible in Buyer's Guide. My configuration is...
  14. brodogger81

    Hackintosh all of the sudden stops booting after being very slow.

    Hello. I haven't been here for a long time because of how well my Hackintosh has been running since I got it basically running 100% like a real Mac (only issue was sleep mode but I didn't feel like spending time to fix it since I don't use it much). Anyways, starting this morning, my Hackintosh...
  15. Kattemjau

    CANT boot MacOS Sierra

    This is my second hackintosh, and i finally got through the installation of macos. I had alot of allocating page faults, and allocating cashe/pages. I installed the os on one of my ssd's MacOs apparently dosent support raid.... Every time i boot onto my innstallation ssd, i either get a...
  16. iTzJack9633

    [NOOB] I get a error when booting VirtualMachine - Attachment. Please Help

    Whenever I try to boot Mac OS X 10.11 I get an error. [Thread 0 Crashed] Specs - Intel Pentium G3258 GTX 750Ti ASUS H81M-E33 8GB RAM Thanks - iTzJack
  17. janyon

    Clover cannot see hard drive after installation with Clover

    Hi all, I'm attempting to install OSX on a machine with an unsupported CPU - A pentium G3220. I previously had this working on 10.8.5 and even wrote a guide on how to do such a thing. After reading up on Clover, I found out it was possible to fake the CPU with fakeCPUID. I created a Clover...
  18. janyon

    Cant boot to Chameleon

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question. I have a lenovo Z580 i5-3210m IvyBridge, HD4000 running Mavs 10.9.5 and Windows 8. I have both Win 8 and Mac installed on the same SSD. Windows is on the first partition and Mac is on the second. I believe Windows is on a UEFI partition, and Mac is not...
  19. rav3lo

    Z87X-UD3H i5-4670k Mountain Lion installation problems

    [SUCCESS!] Z87X-UD3H i5-4670k Mountain Lion installation problems Hi, this is my second build so im still fairly new to building these hackintosh. I took this build right off of the "December 2013 CustoMac Pro" Build. This is my build: -Gigabyte z87x-ud3h -Intel core i5-4670k -Corsair 500R...
  20. Fran122157

    Kernel panic with System definition

    Hi, i have a problem when booting my mackintosh i can do it in safe mode and some times in verbose mode but i keep getting KP and it makes mi hack unusable. usually this is what i get i tried reinstalling all my...