can't boot

  1. ddjovcic

    << Solved >> Can't boot after Clover update, LOG:EXITBS:START

    Hey guys, I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to hackintosh. I'm in dire need of help, my hackintosh is my only source of income (music producing). Yesterday, I tried updating clover. I mountes the EFI partition and did everything clover configurator asked me to do. Then it said to reboot...
  2. Piero2411

    << Solved >> Can't start install Catalina on ssd nvme

    Hello, I'm trying to install mac os Catalina on my new Samsing 970 EVO Plus. After preparing the BIOS and USB I started the installation process and when I select the target disk in the mac os installation user interface the screen returns to the mac os utility without any error message. And...
  3. tangbin

    can't boot from USB installer

    Hi guys! I followed the Installation Guide but I can't reach the installer and get a forbidden icon after I chose Boot OS X Install from Install macOS High Sierra. Here are two pictures showing the error messages, and anything I can do to fix this?
  4. D4RKW4YN3

    [Solved] High Sierra can't boot from HDD but only from USB

    Hello everyone, this is my first hackintosh and I really struggled with it. After some time I finally reached the boot and installation with USB (unibeast). Now I did what the guide said and I used Multibeast to set network and audio drivers, uefi boot and nothing else. When I restart I choose...
  5. DrDrumm

    High Sierra 10.3.4 update - does printf work??

    Had a perfectly working 10.3.3 system. Updated via App Store. Before rebooting, I updated the APFS.efi file in clover. I don't know what could have happened, but now I can't boot to any macOS system. I have one nvme 960 evo and one 840 evo both with different versions of macOS. None will boot...
  6. thigifro

    Lenovo Boot Error - waiting for remote debugger connection

    Hi, I have problems with Hackintosh Installer, Hope you can help me. thanks I have tried a lot of boot args but it doesn't work. Here are my settings Exit Tab by thigifro posted Aug 19, 2017 at 4:18 PM Boot Tab by thigifro posted Aug 19, 2017 at 4:18 PM Configuracion Tab by thigifro posted...
  7. Tinapat4445

    Can't install / Boot MacOS Sierra ("No" Sign)( Prohibited Sign )

    Hi, This is my first Hackintosh. My intention is to use Final Cut Pro X on it for faster editing. I have followed every step and still I can't to boot the installer. HELP!
  8. Ajbros2

    [Solved] MacOS Sierra refuses to boot from SSD

    Just recently built a computer from parts from the buyer's guide (i5 6500, Asus Z170-E) and followed the step by step guide to install MacOS Sierra on this system. Everything went smoothly from Creating the USB drive and booting/installing the OS onto the SSD. The big problem is post...
  9. ben9923

    ASUS X556UA won't boot for an unknown reason

    Hi, My laptop was working fine two days ago, booting without any problem. But today, when I tried to boot into macOS, the boot was stuck when the loading bar was completely empty. It's an ASUS X556UA, nothing was changed since my last boot. I am still able to boot from my Disk On Key. On my HDD...
  10. seanparkerfilms

    Prohibitory symbol on boot... sometimes.

    I recently made a fresh new installation of El Capitan to sidestep some longstanding issues, and I've got a real strange one on my hands. Frequently when booting, I'll get the prohibitory symbol after getting through the Clover screen (or the "circle with a line through it") and I'll have to...
  11. SFenster

    Can't boot after 10.10.5 Update

    I cant boot after installing 10.10.5 directly from the app store. I get this message when booting with -v [IOBluetoothHCIController][searchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! Any ideas? This is my main desktop computer and it was working perfectly...
  12. gingi666

    ASUS Maximus VII Gene not able to boot from USB drive

    I have created a bootable OS X USB drive using a VM and I'm able to boot from it. I have adjusted my BIOS settings according to this: and this...
  13. ossahib

    Weird graphical glitch (green lines on black) when trying to boot on new hackintosh

    Heya, I'm hoping any of you have a clue what stopping my hackintosh from booting for the first time. I followed a combination of the official Tonymacx86 clover tutorial, but used these custom Clover settings here. Everything went according to plan all the way up to...
  14. mrviews

    Can't boot after Snow Leopard Install

    I installed Snow Leopard on my ssd, but when I tried to boot with iBoot the screen will freeze on the apple logo. I'm using the same components from this build: I booted again...
  15. Claysive

    Can't boot Yosemite from target drive

    So my setup is: gigabyte z97-ud7 th intel core i7 4790k 16gb ram no graphics card atm 1tb segate hdd 500gb western digital hdd no ssd atm(maybe that's a problem?) anyways, so I've booted the usb and installed Yosemite on the target drive and loaded that and ran multibeast. So now I restart the...
  16. winkingqian

    Hi guys, why can't I boot my yosemite from my hard drive

    I followed UniBeast installation guide, and after I finished multibeast installation,it still can't boot from my hard drive, I need to boot my system from USB all the time?
  17. Toby39

    Can't get past Apple grey loading screen (Mavericks) (I have Verbose info)

    Hi fellow pilgrims, Everything was going so well. I had used Chameleon Wizard to change my SMBios in an attempt to gain a better WiFi connection. It seemed to work. Then I had the problem of my screen res. changing, and some kind soul pointed me in the right direction - enabling the Graphics...
  18. Rameenh

    Chimera (Unibeast) isn't registering Mavericks

    Hey there, I'm a newbie in the hackintosh scene so please bear with me here. I've got an Intel i7 Haswell (kext patched) and nVidia Geforce 740 with 8GBs of DDR3 I've tried to run Mavericks from a GUID table partitioned SATA with Mavericks installed on it. During the installation, the progress...
  19. ovojemojracun

    Can't boot without UniBeast USB, 10.9.0 Mavericks

    I can't boot without using usb of unibeast, any suggestions??:beachball::beachball:
  20. mateus0801

    Upgraded to Mavericks, now can't find error when trying to boot

    Hi all, I upgraded my Hackintosh from Mountain Lion to Mavericks. I thought everything was going well. The install went clean. I then booted to my usb drive and chose the new installation. Booted great. Everything finished updating, and I ran multibeast. I chose Easy_Beast and the only...