cannot install

  1. MicaiahWalker

    Cannot "select disk to install macOS"

    Mac OS starts properly and I get all the way to "Select the disk where you want to install macOS" ... but I cannot select any drive. I formatted my SSD drive in disk utility to be called "High Sierra SSD" as seen in photo and it shows it as a selectable drive but I cannot select it. My track pad...
  2. Jollex

    Can't install haswell and Leopard

    I have buy gigabyte z87mx d3h and can't install haswell and snow Leopard DVD too cloose have 32gb ram , gt 640 4770k cpu
  3. smilinggoat

    Mountain Lion Installer: "OS X cannot start up from this disk."

    My primary OS drive (Disk 1) is currently running Lion 10.7.4. I have a second drive (Disk 2) which is used as a backup and test drive. I have a nightly carbon copy cloner backup which copies the data from Disk 1 to Disk 2 as a backup bootable clone. They both have Chimera 1.9.2 r1394...