1. jibrann.kamal

    Hardware Patching Issues

    Hello Everyone, I have successfully build dual boot win10 + mojave 10.14 and updated to the latest build 10.14.6. The issues i am facing are: 1. IGPU Error (Picture Attached) 2. No audio devices 3. No imaging device (No Camera) 4. No wifi working (Although i know realtek wifi will not work...
  2. chadelliott2012

    USB Video not working

    Hi all... I've been running into an issue since Sierra released and I'm just now having the time to fully troubleshoot. My USB cameras will not display video. Both were working fully in Yosemite. QuickTime and other applications recognize them, but only as audio devices. System report only...
  3. Yuhwa

    [Solved]Lenovo Yoga 720 15IKB 10.14 PB7&10.13.6 - 3 Issues(Webcam) (Repost)

    20181229 Now I'm using 10.14.2 There's USB 3.0 problem but, replaced IOUSBFamily, IOUSBHostFamily from 10.14 then it works. Block sleep using "sudo pmset -a disablesleep 1" Webcam problem seems from USB, I didn't fix it but automate active webcam trick with 'controllermate' (It can make nice...
  4. Antonis112

    Built in camera detection

    I have a weird issue with my built in camera on my Lenovo Yoga 2 pro running El capitan. Im testing the camera with skype. Right after startup camera is not detected. If i get the laptop to sleep, after waking up camera is recognized. Im attaching two pictures of before and after sleep System...
  5. Autin1925

    Toshiba C55 A5100 camera not working

    My camera on my Toshiba c55 a5100's camera is not working. It used to function, but now it is not working and there is nothing showing up in system report. PLZ HELP!!!
  6. tperera11

    No Video Playback Premier Pro CC 2015

    I have been having a problem and I would really appreciate some help. I install Premier Pro CC 2015 but I cannot play any video. The play/stop button toggles but the video stays on the first frame and no audio plays. Also I don't know if this is connected but if I open preferences I get two...
  7. gerinych

    Dark camera problem

    Hello, It's been bugging me for some time now, but I can't seem to find a solution for this problem. I have a VAIO E laptop and its built-in camera is too dark in OS X. In Windows it works fine, but that's because there's an option in webcam settings that handles low light conditions...
  8. ravikhannan

    HP TRUEVISION HD Webcam Not working!!!

    I successfully installed ML 10.8.4 using Unibeast. Everything working except Webcam, but webcam recognized as USB device in my system profiler, i attached my system profiler here what to do? any idea? my model is hp pavilion dv6-6164tx processor : intel core i3 2.19Ghz
  9. AGuyWhoIsBored

    Laptops - UVC Camera Compatibility

    Hi, I'm going to start this thread for anybody that has a laptop Universal Camera (UVC) that doesn't work in OS X. Post your problems & solutions here and we'll see if we can eventually develop a universal solution for laptops with incompatible webcams! :D Now I have a temporary solution, and...
  10. punjabi_lubana

    HP Pavilion dv6 6121tx 2nd gen Camera Not working.

    Hi Rehab, Since Mountain Lion I had not been able to use my webcam. I don't know why but I never really cared. Now things have. I need to use webcam and trying to figure out why it does not work. I have attached my IOREG. If you get time, please have a look. Thanks!!
  11. Tlacuas

    iSight on Lenovo T440s don't works on FaceTime, Photo Booth and others

    My System preferences shows an Integrated Camera 04f2:b39a Chicony / SunplusIT on USB-Hub but don't works with FaceTime or Photo Booth or any other program. I have tried a edited AnyiSightCam.kext with my vendor and product ID but only change the name, vendor and product ID on System...
  12. Sigma

    Sleep, Display Brightness, and Webcam Not Working on HP Pavilion g6

    Hello, I have succeeded in installing Mavericks on my HP Laptop, and it is almost perfect except for a few components. Sleep: When I try to make the computer go to sleep, the screen goes black, however, the fan continues to spin and it doesn't really seem to be in sleep mode. The login screen...
  13. cci[RR]us

    4540S Webcam and Wifi

    I installed the latest ProBook Installer and the 4540S DSDT. Everything seems to work (e.g. Ethernet, display) but the webcam does not. Should it work with Photo Booth? It says "there is no connected camera". At the WiFi thread, there are a couple of compatible WiFi cards for 4540S. Is there...
  14. Dodo95

    U510 Installation

    Hi i tried to install Mac OS X 10.8.2 ML on my Lenovo U510....there are just some problems..: Working : Installation CD Touchpad (no multitouch) Ethernet Not Working: Bluetooth Wifi Sound Multitouch on Touchpad (Multitouch is supported by Lenovo so the Touchpad is possible to use Multitouch)...
  15. Kataryno

    Packard Bell TK85 - USB issues

    Hello, Recently I finally complete the installation of ML on my laptop PB TK85. After struggling a bit with the graphics card, i managed to make it fully functional. The wireless ,ethernet and sound cards are ok either. However there is one issue with the USB that i cannot solve. The 3 USB...
  16. Noon3rs

    Getting my Webcam and Microphone to work

    So I've had my setup working for about two years now, and the only thing that hasn't worked yet are the webcam and microphone. I've got Snow Leopard 10.6.8, and a DP55WB mobo. If any other specs are needed, I'll gladly help, but the computer won't even recognize that a mic or camera are plugged...
  17. Blah101

    Facetime and Skype video not working properly

    Hello all, So, I have been running my hack for a good year and a half now, and I bought a logitech c910 a while back which worked flawlessly for a while. However, after 10.8.1 it started getting fidgity. It use to work just fine with skype and facetime. Now, when I open facetime, the camera...
  18. sulemanzp

    USB webcam not working with FaceTime and photo booth

    Hi developers.. With your efforts I successfully installed Mountain Lion on my Dell 745. Almost every thing is working, Audio, Ethernet, Video (I am not confirm because it shows ATI 5000 1024 MB, but I have 5450). The only thing not working is my USB webcam.. When I plug USB webcam into USB...
  19. Jo...

    i3570, GA Z77 ds3h, problems with usb connection of cameras and sd cards

    Hello, if have built my first hackintosh with an i3750 and the ga z77 ds3h board and almost everything works fine with mountain lion. My only problem is that some usb drives don't look up. Normal sticks are working fine, a mybook external harddrive is also working. What doesn't work are my...