1. Viseko

    [solved] Error(stuck on) ReadKernelCache after usb install

    Hi guys. I try to install High Sierra on hp 650 g1, finally I done install from usb to ssd, but when I try to install from ssd I stuck on ReadKernelCache. I wait about an hour and decided to rebooting. After rebooting, when I come to clover and choose 'boot from ssd' clover are stuck, can't do...
  2. DakotaSamuel

    OS X Installer Boot Fail - Error loading kernel cache

    Hello, I am having some issues getting the OS X installer to boot on my Fujitsu Lifebook Laptop. I followed this guide to get where I am: When I run “install_osx” from the Clover boot menu with...
  3. Tea-Ess

    [HELP] Error while trying to boot macOS High Sierra installer in Clover, error loading kernel cache

    Hello everyone ! Sorry if I did not post in the correct section, I'm new to the hackintosh world, and in macOS in general, so please be indulgent with me ^^ I'm trying to make a hackintosh running macOS High Sierra, I created my bootable USB stick with Clover, on a 2006 iMac. When trying to...
  4. jdleung

    Boot time becomes longer and longer after a period of usage

    Boot time was approximately 10 seconds when the system was just installed. After more than one year's usage, it now takes about 3 minutes to show the login screen:cry:. I tried to install a new system on another disk, the new is fast but, I think it will also goes slow after some time. I...
  5. tikiss

    [Solved] Boot hangs at fipspost_post

    Hi, I have successfully installed High Sierra on a Coffee lake based system. I have only one system on an nvme drive. Currently I have faced with one problem, the boot process is hangs for ~20s at point FIPSPOST_USER ... all test passed, showed on the picture: 20180218_101421.jpg and than the...
  6. JoshuaChronstedt

    Error Loading Kernel Cache (0x9)

    I am trying to install Sierra on a Dell t3600, specs below (it's a desktop). Previously tried High Sierra but that didn't work either. I have tried following boot args: 1 dart=0 nv_disable=1 Gives me Apple logo, then no smoking sign. 2 -v drat=0 nv_disable=1 Gives me: "Error loading kernel...
  7. demiankz

    [SOLVED] Error Loading Kernel Cache, HP Probook 4540s

    Followed Rehabman's Booting the OS X Installer on Laptop's with Clover Guide. Booted from USB. Clover install screen appears. Choose to boot from "Install macOS High Sierra" partition. Error loading kernel cache. Reboot. Added -v, -f, -s boot flags. Same result. EFI folder attached. Any...
  8. e11productions

    Cache Not Updating

    This will need some explaining: I can make changes to folders on the desktop (movement, sorting, etc.) and when I reboot, all of the folders go back to before the restart. This one has me stumped.
  9. Einzbern

    VLC Crashing while Building Font Cache.

    Hi. I am trying to open a .mkv file which has subtitles embedded in it. When I open it with VLC, it shows, 'Building font cache' pop up and crashes eventually. (The video file is not corrupted either. I have been playing these video files in my MacBook pro and they work fine.) Note that, VLC...
  10. hjx1996

    Kernel Extensions in backtrace issue

    I tried to solve the issue of HD4600's base frequency too low. But put AppleIntelInfo.kext to /L/E accidently.And rebuild kextcache...... Now it performs as the image shows... I already removed the kext but not works.. I also removed cache in /S/L/C, and still... What should I do now T_T...
  11. Ouxhax

    Error loading kernel cache 0xe

    Hi all. I used my first hackintosh installation without any problem for 6 month. But today, I can’t boot Sierra 12.3 anymore. I’m using NullCPUPM with IMac14,2. CPU’s heat is reduced but multiplier doesn’t change and VCore always stays around 1.672V(wrong value it should be 0.85-1.35). I did try...
  12. the_gael

    User Cache - Graphics

    Is there a user cache that stores graphics information on Sierra? If so is it in ~/Library/Caches and what is its name? The reason I ask is that I appear to have a user specific issue with display see my post below from Post Installation>Graphics #1
  13. szilardkoos

    El Capitan (10.11.6) won't boot unless No Cache active.

    Hi to you all! I am quite new with Hackintoshs. I have tried to read and learn as much as possible, but still I am not understanding 100% of how everything works. So sorry if my question is unintelligent at some point. So I had a very difficult time installing El Capitan: everything went...
  14. JustDami

    Error Loading Kernel Cache (0x7)

    So I've recently decided to install OS X El Capitan onto my HP Pavilion 15. However after an easy creation of the bootable USB the second I go to start installing I am met with this error "Error Loading Kernel Cache (0x7)"(Picture of screen linked below) My computer specs are as follows : 8GB...
  15. tehbearr

    Can only boot in "Ignore Cache Mode", is there an issue with this?

    Finally after weeks I have finally gotten OS X Yosemite to boot onto my X99 Deluxe board, but I always have to use "ignore cache mode", I havent run into any program issues using this mode but I don't know if this will cause any other issues. Need help! It's my last issue please! D:
  16. isakmo

    Video editors unable to write cache files

    Don't get intimidated if you're not into video editing, this is probably a problem unrelated to FCPX! So, i just installed a Final Cut Pro X on my Hackintosh with Yosemite (10.10.5). However, the program won't generate any thumbnails for the videos. I have to skim the clips to get a preview of...
  17. Razorxd

    Error loading kernel cache (0xe)

    HELP! Error loading kernel cache (0xe) I get this error if i try usb 2.0 but when i return to usb 3.0 this error continue appears. This is a raw image whith a el capital and clover and chameleon. Can you help me?
  18. theorange0

    Any bootloader capable of starting in RAID mode?

    Hey guys, I'm currently using Clover bootloader, only really because of it's UEFI boot, although I'd be willing to switch to Unibeast or any other bootloader if they support booting in RAID mode. I have a 2TB HDD that uses a 64GB SSD as a cache, with Win8.1 installed. I also have a 500GB HDD...
  19. Allibi

    Mobo dies after uncheck UseKernelChache in Multibeast

    Hello everyone, Could someone help me ? My mobo seams to be dead... when i turn on my customac pro the first screen of the bios appear with multicolor line on the 1/5 on the the top of the screen... i can't do enything. Even F12 or Delete etc... I'll try to explain the better i can : There...
  20. connorroy

    Ghost Kext

    Im having a bit of a strange issue with a kext. I am trying to remove all logitech drivers that were previously installed by logitech control centre but I cannot get rid of com.Logitech.Unifying.HID Driver I have looked through System/Library/Extensions & Library/Extensions, Not there. I...