buying guide

  1. Jonathanr

    Buying Guide, check list

    Hey guys, So i have had problems with hackintoshes in the past.. and went back to "pure breed macs" but now i need to upgrade once again and well.. i dont want to pay 6k for mac pro... So these are the parts i tend to go with, i am up to any suggestions. MB : Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Designare...
  2. RowenDJ

    Intel I7 or XEON

    Hello! First of all, happy new year to everyone!:headbang: Now, here is my question: I want to buy a MAC PRO with the buyer's guide from tonymac to work with audio. My question is if I can use an intel xeon instead of I7 4.00ghz. What would be best for me? and, there is compatibility with a...
  3. NewHorizon947

    Some metal for G5 mod

    Hello, Last year I bought a G5 case that I had began modding. But now in 2015, I don't really know what I can buy to make it real. In fact, I have some HDDs, some DDR3-1600 ram, an "unsopported" GTX750ti, but nothing else. So I wanted to know what can I get for a max sum of ~300€, especially...