1. jaygunz

    Motherboard Recommendations for Thunderbolt 3

    Hello, I am planning my next build which I plan to use X299 platform but I will need a motherboard compatible with a Thunderbolt 3 add-in card or have Thunderbolt intergraded. Here is the Add-in card.
  2. 89Flay

    Best CustoMac Pro 2018

    Hi everybody, I was looking for building a new fully working CustoMac Pro and I wanted to ask your opinion about what for you is the "state of the art" right now. From today's buyers guide there are basically 3 motherboards starting from: - Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming WIFI - ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X...
  3. fredfries

    ATI graphics card not recommended

    Hi everybody, I seem a bit confused. I was looking at the buyers guide for Custom builds, and all recommended graphics cards are Nvidia. How come ATI is not on the list? When I look at the customizable mac pros at Apple store, it is only possible to choose ATI... /fred