buyer advice

  1. Jippa_Lippa

    Are there no modern components available in the buyer's guide?

    Hello everyone. I had a hackingtosh since 2015 with my old MSI Z97 Gaming 5, GTX 1070, 19.13.6 High Sierra, i7 4790k 4GHz, 32Gb DDR3 2300 mhz which served me well, unfortunately it has become too old for my workflow and the fact I cannot move any firther than high sierra has made it almost non...
  2. smokeycobalt

    Why Two Drive Sections?

    I just noticed that in the CustoMac Pro section of the Buyer's Guide there were two sections for SSD drives. Is there a reason for this? Do we need two separate drives for a Hackintosh...
  3. gopinathch

    [Solved] Please help to buy hardware. I am confused. Read this please

    I want to buy Hardware for using macOS(Hackintosh) on Desktop PC. Hi, My knowledge is Zero on hardware name. My Requirements : - support for (WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0) - support for (Hardware must be support to Games like GTA5) - support for 2k -4k single Monitor My usage : - Web...
  4. teekaydnewborn

    Can someone help me out please

    Hi all, I had a system working great over the years but the mobo is gone nuts randomly shutting down cos i had a situation with the electricity not too long ago My System: Ga z68x ud3h b3 icore 7 2600k radeon 5570 gskill 16mb osx 10.6.8 I want to build something new however i have lots of...
  5. pyramid

    Why the latest X299 is not supported

    I thought since apple has been officially supported the Xeon-W which uses the 2066 socket so the twin of Xeon-W will be working out of box. But compared to the x99-UD4 and other previous generation x99 gigabyte boards--just run the unibeast and multibeast once and you are fine to go---the...
  6. awesomeepicguy

    Compatibility check

    So I'm going to be ordering my hackintosh within the next day. I just wanted to make sure that all my parts are compatible and that I will have the least amount of issues with it. Here are the parts: Corsair CS Series, CS750M, 750 Watt (750W), Semi Modular Power Supply, 80+ Gold Certified...
  7. srmusico

    Im really Confused. What thunderbolt MoBo Should I Buy?

    Hello everyone!. im not new with hackintosh, but this will be the first time to create a hackintosh with thunderbolt. First of all, i have read some info about MoBos with Thunderbolt, but im a bit confused. I need to create a working hackintosh with Thunderbolt 2/3 . At this moment i know that...
  8. Althalus8

    Noob needs advice

    Hi. So let's start with all the basics. I've never built a computer, so this is going to be a learning curve and I'm taking it on partly for the challenge and curiosity, and partly because I really enjoy OSX, really dislike Windows, can't afford a real Mac. I'm from Canada so everything is a...
  9. Ashish2293


    Hello to anyone reading this(if at all) I want to get into audio music production, and cut costs instead of corners, i have seen a couple of builds here, but i don't see anyone who did it in the recent year that is 2017. these are the specs I'm going to buy, is there anything additonal i need...
  10. MicroTechAsks

    After Config GPU

    So guys i have already build a Skylake Hackintosh with a i5 6500 but without a gpu. SO is wanted to buy a rx 470 now but i'm not sure if my hack is going to recognize the 470. Do i have to install additional drivers or sth. And is the RX 470 Hack compatible?
  11. kfir

    Need advise for building a Hackintosh for a Pro Audio Studio

    Hey friends, I'm new to the Hackintosh world. I did a lot of research and came up with a list and wanted to know if it will work, my biggest concern is about the Thunderbolt (I'm using UAD2 Satellite) and an audio card Fireface 400 (Firewire) Also, I want to run the Maverick operating system...
  12. 2bcool2

    will this config be good for video editing / 4k some 3dmax - opinion before i buy.

    hi, sorry if I'm in the wrong section. I am planning on buying this Hackintosh for £1350. is it a good price ? will it be good for my needs ? CPU - i7-5820k 6 Cores 3.3 GHz, 15 MB Cache with Noctua NH-L12 CPU coolerMotherboard - Asus X99-A Ram - Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2666MHZ DDR4 SSD - 480GB...