1. IamI1

    Mac for music production

    Hi all! I need a Mac for music production, so it needs to be very powerful. I was thinking an 8700k (or can i go with the iMac Pro cpus?) and a motherboard with Thunderbolt working in Mac. Someone can suggest me a good 8700k+MB(with TB) combo that can work with HighSierra? Thanks! (with the...
  2. Palitboss

    GTX 1060 6Gb or GTX 1070 ti 8gb?

    Hi All! I'm planning to upgrade my GPU, but my budget is not that mutch (400€-500€). With this price jump in GPU prices, I'm thinking about getting a GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 ti gpu. From what I've seen, the GTX 1070 has a gain of around 20% in performance, but the price difference is around 40 to...
  3. cani1see

    External GPU on hackintosh notebook?

    I recently fresh installed High Sierra on my Y70-70T, for a while there is a notification says it recognize a external Nvidia GPU. Now that macOS High Sierra officially support External GPU, is there a chance discrete graphics in Window Laptops use as macOs's external GPU? Detachable GPU that...
  4. ralab001

    Best Hackintosh Candidate that supports macOS Sierra and has Nvidia GeForce

    Hello Experts Goal I need to buy a new laptop from the below short list of that must: 1) have clear and reliable macOS Sierra Guide like the one of RehabMan for hp probook 4530s 2) have Nvidia GeForce card which is now the only supported Short list of candidates (All have GeForce) - HP...
  5. awesomeepicguy

    Compatibility check...

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be making my first hackintosh soon and I want to make sure that my parts are compatible with macOS. Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor Corsair H60 54.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler MSI Z170A GAMING M5 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB (2 x...
  6. razor1995

    Looking for Wi-Fi half-miniPCIe card for Sierra

    Hi, I have Sierra 10.12.5 installed on my Lenovo P580, and I'm looking for Wi-Fi card for this hackintosh. The requirements are: - native handling on Sierra (or easy install), - half-miniPCIe size, - it can be only 300Mbps, no matter, Previously I had Intel AC-7260, I sold it since installed...
  7. srmusico

    Sierra compatible graphics cards

    Hello,im looking for a graphic card for my build with Sierra. Im using actually integrated HD 4600 Intel graphics of my motherboard. I come from Mavericks without any problem, but in Sierra I Feel it laggy and slow. I have been looking at Buyers Guide, but the most graphics cards are out of...
  8. srmusico

    Graphic Card for i7 4770K, Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H , 32GB 2400Mhz RAM

    Hello, im looking for a graphic card for my build. I have been using integrated graphics (Intel HD 4600) of my Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H in my Mavericks. Now I have Sierra installed and I need a better graphics. I use my hackintosh for music production (Logic Pro X and Pro tools) also for video edition...
  9. piebox

    Buying options and lots of help

    Hello, everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me? I'm building my first Hackintosh and I want to make sure that all the components are going to work with each other, I did get all of these components from the list that tonymacx86 provided. I want this machine for serious work and some...
  10. RowenDJ

    Buying a Graphics Card

    Hello to everyone! I'm building a CustoMac Pro to work with audio and video, don't know what graphics card will be the best for me. I tried to buy the evga gtx 960 overclocked but is out of stock and no one shop that can get it for me. What graphic card will be the best for me? Thanks!
  11. doran123

    Is the GTX Geforce 950 compatible with the MacOS Sierra?

    Hey guys, I wanted to buy a new gpu for my new pc, And i wanted the NVIDIA GTX Geforce 950, I just wanted to know that is this graphics card compatible with the MacOS, And does it have a driver..... Thanks
  12. neutro97

    wifi card compatible with os x yosemite for laptop

    Hi everyone, My laptop is fully compatible with OS X , except the wifi , so I want to change my network card , my laptop is a Acer Aspire V5-571 , if someone knows a card that is compatible would appreciate . Thanks.
  13. Marqus

    Where to order Apple components

    Where to order Apple MBP components Hello all, I have a faulty GPU on my MBP mid 2009 and am considering changing the logic board myself. I am looking for a good, trustworthy e-com store where I can buy original Apple parts in the EU (or an actual store in Sweden). Does anyone have any...
  14. Jacob61916

    Dell XPS 8900 Desktop Compatible?

    Black Friday is coming up and deals are coming up. I saw this build computer for Costco deals but not sure if its Mac compatible. So far of the specs i know: Processor: 6th generation Intel i7-6700 Graphics: NVIIDA GeForce GTX 745 4GB DDR3 RAM: 16GB (8GBx2) Dual Channel DDR4 2133 MHz Hard...
  15. Mac_user12

    is it worth to change from i5 4690k to i7 4790k?

    Hey Guys, As you see i´m thinking about changing my CPU. At the moment I'm running the I5 4690k with 4,1 GHZ stable (no freezes or lags) on MSI Z97-G43 with Yosemite 10.10.3 and Clover. So is it worth to change it if i´m thinking to use it for some Video editing on Final Cut or some Photo edit...
  16. germanm

    new to hackintosh - help checking hardware is okay?

    Hi everyone, I am building my first hackintosh ever so wanted if you guys could check my hardware before buying anything: *some links are from MercadoLibre from my country, therefore in spanish, and some others from Amazon, I am buying some parts in the US Motherboard Processor RAM Power...
  17. izizu

    What Motherboard should I buy??

    At first, I have to say "Sorry", my english is too bad. Ok, my old PC is near to die, and it can´t update more than OsX 10.7 I´m going to buy a i5 4440, 8Gb Ram and a Motherboard. I think that the Integrated Graphics is enough for me (And I don´t have many money ). My question is: What...
  18. olirueda

    What do you think about this hackintosh? Family Intel Core i5 Model number ? i5-4440 Frequency ? 3100 MHz Turbo frequency 3300 MHz Clock multiplier ? 31 Package 1150-land Flip-Chip Land Grid Array Socket Socket 1150 / H3 / LGA1150...
  19. Rewan

    Hackintosh will be possible?

    Hey Guys, here I list you my technical details : I want to install as a Hackintosh Mac OS X Mavericks Which Bootflags do I will need to use? -High End 8192MB DDR3 Crucial Ballistix Sport Dual Channel 1600MHz (2x 4GB) -Prozessor 1150 Intel Core i5-4690 4x 3.50 GHz -Graphics PCI-E 2048 MB NVIDIA...
  20. Behzadsh

    Can you help me select a hackintoshable laptop to buy?

    Hi I'm about buying a new laptop and I want to install MacOSX 10.8+ on it, and I want Mac work perfectly on it. I read the sticky post by RehabMa, HP ProBook 4X40s is great option. I just wanted to know is there any other laptop with similar specification I wrote below, with fully hackintosh...