build compatability

  1. stevedavid

    Turning a custom built PC into a Hackintosh

    Hi all, First, I'm very new to Hackintosh and this site. Apologies is this post was inappropriate. I've been trying to find the ways to build a powerful computer (well, I've eventually reached to the conclusion that I want MacOS on it). But I have never built one by myself and I'm afraid that...
  2. sayrisleeps

    Need help building my first computer/Hackintosh

    Hi everyone! This is going to be the first computer/Hackintosh that I will be building, so I just wanted to get feedback from the Hackintosh community. I have already visited and read up on all the compatible components from this site, and this is what I've come up with. However, while I was...
  3. Nanukbcn

    Best way to boost my build mac?? GPU or CPU?

    Hello all. I have a build mac with Sierra, and want to improve performance for video rendering. But I can't make a decision on what's the best option between changing my GPU, or changing CPU+Mobo. This is my actual computer details: Intel Core i7-3770 3.4GHz Mobo GA Z77-DS3H GPU NVIDIA gtx...
  4. denn120

    WiFi in macOS

    Hi guys, I am planning to build a Hackintosh. If I use the Gigabyte Z-170N WiFi Motherboard, do I have to replace the integrated WiFi Chip with a Broadcom or can I use the integrated one? Greetings Dennis
  5. popscop

    Current Computer Compatability

    I was wondering if my current parts list is compatible with either OS X El Capitan or macOS Sierra. Either one is fine, but I would prefer to go with whichever one is simpler to configure. Intel - Core i7-4790 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor ASRock - H97 Anniversary ATX LGA1150 Motherboard G.Skill -...
  6. EmperorWalrus

    My Picks for Hackintosh Build

    So my plan for a hackintosh is to try and build when with a very low budget. I've found two old PCs on craigslist and ill share the specs with you. Dell Optiplex 745SFF tower Intel Pentium D @ 3.40GHz. Dual Core Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 with all updates 160GB hard drive 4 GB ram ATI...
  7. miikedenton

    Compatibility of BOXNUC6I5SYK with Hackintosh

    Hey, Was looking at buying a NUC kit with 6th Gen i5-6260U and was wondering what level of compatibility I would have in terms of OS and Bluetooth (wifi isn't a necessity) and if I would have to buy specific RAM and other components to ensure compatibility.
  8. Gotti9

    Will my pc compatible

    (First of all, I don't speak very well English I hope you can understand me) Thanks to all I have an older preassemblate pc and I want trying to install macOS Sierra (10.12.2) It's my build compatible? You can find it here for more details (or read below the specifications...
  9. The_Ben

    Will this build work for El Capitan and/or Sierra? (modified december buyer's guide)

    Hey, I want to replace my current PC with a hackintosh, for which I'll be buying most of the parts, I only have the SSD for the build currently (Samsung 840 EVO 250GB). The machine wouldn't be used for gaming by any means, but will be used for web development, as well as the usual office + web...
  10. exhausend

    About to start my journey, my first build

    Hello I want to build a Hackintosh/Win10 dual boot for the first time. I live in Switzerland and have already researched some hardware components that I want to use for my build. It would be very nice of you if you could check if I am using the right components and if they will be working. I...
  11. karimhustler


    Hi there!! Im planning to assemble a new hackintosh machine. my main purpose is for infotainment! I may work with(video editing,photo editing)after effects,sony vegas pro,premier pro,photoshop,final cut pro x etc And which version of os-x should i install. Basically I'm a movie lover so i would...
  12. twaelbroeck

    High-End Dual Boot Work/Game Station Advice/Suggestions

    I'm a software developer and my wife is a photographer, so this build will primarily service those requirements, but it will also handle some gaming (secondary). It will be a triple 1080p monitor setup (possibly triple 1440p later on) and I'll be looking to run at least one virtual machine and...
  13. PranaySoni

    [Compatibility] Z170 Pro Gaming|i5 6600k supports El Capitan?

    Hey! Total noob here... I am thinking about assembling my own system. Below is my current build. Config: Processor : Intel i5-6600k MotherBoard : Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Ram : Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2400Mhz(CMK16GX4M2A2400C16R) Case...
  14. Hyst3rical

    Is my build compatible?

    Hey guys, I'm new here. I have always wanted to try OS X as a daily driver and tried it once on my old AMD system (failed miserably) and now here I am with an Intel Core i3 4130, 8GB RAM, GTX 750Ti and ASRock B85-HDS motherboard and I want to know whether my system will work fine with El...
  15. michaelangelo

    Parts Compatibility

    Hi guys, I'm back its been a long time since my last build. I have a Macbook air, I like to have a desktop because I mainly use it for school and is not very powerful. I want to build something small the two small MB are Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 mini-ITX Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WIFI ill be gaming...
  16. Eiinsteiin

    Help me to find my Setup :)

    Hello Guys, nearly 3 years ago I build my first setup, wich was very fine and since then I upgraded some parts of it. So now, I would like to upgrade the oldest parts and build me a hackintosh :lol:. Here are my current parts: CPU: AMD FX-4170 Mainboard...
  17. MIcahTautkus

    RAM Compatability!

    Hi friendly community. I have a simple and probably stupid sounding question to some of you out there: does it really matter what brand or style of RAM I buy for my hack as long as it's the same type as the recommended? I'm looking to build the socket 2011 pro and I found some RAM that's not on...