build advice and help

  1. IntlMac

    Is my build ok?

    Hi! I'm new to the Mac scene... What Mac is nearest to my build? Also if anyone can recommend which OS to go for? Plan is to make a dual boot hackintosh. Running Win10 on one SSD and the MacOS on the other SSD Thanks for any help!
  2. m42u

    Hackintosh with no GPU (at the moment...)

    Hi guys! I'm very excited to be part of this forum. I'm not really new in the hackintosh world as I previous (few years ago) tried to build an hackintosh. At this time, it was Snow Leopard and I think it was much more complicated than today! I'm posting today because I'd like to build an...
  3. shank8036

    Hello All - Need Help for my first hackintosh

    I am going to purchase these components for my first hackintosh. Will this work? MOtherboard: PRIME Z390-P CPU: Intel - Core i5 9400F Processor RAM: 8GB (8GB X 1) DDR4 2666Mhz RAM G.SKILL - Ripjaws V SSD: 480GB SSD M.2 GPU: sapphire rx 580 pulse 8gb I am afraid to purchase item. Please give me...
  4. Cnldle

    IMAC G5 as chassis for Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P /Upgrade Options

    Hi! I'm mainly here for advice as I am a complete novice when it comes to PC building so any help will be greatly appreciated! I have always wanted an old white polycarbonate IMac to play with and recently I have been lucky to acquire an immaculate one! for free! It is the Early 2006 Intel...
  5. fercho3138

    << Solved >> SUCCESS!! Intel i7 9700K, Gigabyte Z390 Aorus PRO Wifi, Sapphire Radeon RX580 Pulse

    Hi guys, just wanted to tell you my experience building my first fully working Hackintosh PC Attention: In this post I'll tell you my personal experience and the steps I made that worked out for me using my components, this is NOT a step by step guide. I'll leave links to the guides that helped...
  6. singhest

    Suggestion For My Old PC

    Hi guys i have installed sierra on my pc but it doesnt run without hdmi but i only have vga so thats why i only get lower graphics, lags,flickering. So are there any suggestion for which osx i change choose for my old vga working pc Specs- Gigabyte G41m Combo Intel Core2Duo e7500 Gt 710 4gb ram...
  7. robertolosada

    MOVED TO BUY ADVICE: Compatibility advice with ASUS PRIME Z390-P, Samsung SSD Disks

    I am planning on my first Hackintosh build. So far I want to use the following components: i5-9600k Asus Prime Z390-P Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 2x8GB I would also use a Noctua fan, a propper case and probably a 550W power supply. Because it is my first time...
  8. RandomDSdevel

    Best Broadcom m.2 WiFi/Bluetooth Card for an HP ZBook 17 G5?

    The last thing I need for an upcoming build involving an HP ZBook 17 G5 is an m.2 WiFi/Bluetooth combo card. I see the lists of compatible cards at: The '[FAQ] READ FIRST! Laptop Frequent Questions' thread's section titled 'Q. WiFi/bluetooth is not working. How to fix?' The 'Broadcom...
  9. Nabonawer

    Help! First build! I Need Recomendations!

    Hi everyone! Well, I decided to build my first hackintosh but im really lost of what i have to do and buy! i´ve been reading a lot but i´m always get confused with the different information that i find. My intention is build a system that can run Windows and MacOs (Mojave if posible). I work...
  10. Sam0714

    Is this compatible?

    I have a pc currently running windows 10 pro. Specs: Asus z87 deluxe motherboard I7 4770 Msi gtx 970 16gb hyperx fury 1600mhz ddr3 2x 1tb hdd 1x 120 ssd 1x 240 ssd I have windows installed on the 120 ssd together with some applications I often use. My files are on one of the two 1tb drives and...
  11. raj4music

    Hackintosh Build on Budget for Music Production ( Decent Level Performance )

    Hi Guys , hope you all are busy handling soo many big sepcs , here i come up with a normal specs for my hackintosh build , this is the first time i'm going to build hackintosh in my life , so i just wanted to know what i am doing is right or wrong to get a advice from you legends ;) so here is...
  12. PeteCC

    Proven Build suitable for Premiere video editing

    I wonder if there is s current No. 1 build that can handle 4K video editing, including on Premiere? I would be thrilled to find a build that is tried and true -- one that has been built by multiple Hackintoshers, with a minimum of surprises. I'm not a techie, and would really appreciate...
  13. Maxidopoulos

    Building my first Hackintosh - Some advice needed

    Hey guys, After some research I am finally going to build my first Hackintosh, and I have a couple of questions regarding my hardware choices. Most of the gear comes from the Buyer's Guide June, but I made some alterations to some components and was wondering if you guys know if they are...
  14. Xystos

    New Hackintosh

    Hi all, Im building a new Hackintosh (my first one) with complete new Hardware. Importent for me is, that the Case is small as possible. Build: Case: IN WIN Chopin Mini ITX 150 W Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370N WIFI Intel Z370 So 1151 Dual Channel DDR4 Mini ITX Retail CPU: Intel Core i5 8400 6x...
  15. ariola

    My first build, is everything here compatible and the best option?

    Hi, I made a build within my budget (≈2000GBP) and I would like you to just have a look and tell me your thoughts, and if I should proceed with this. I also have a few reasonings for my decisions and a few questions along the way, so thanks to everyone that is willing to read and help me out. I...
  16. Txwylde

    Optiplex 990 i7 or LENOVO CORE I7 M92P?

    After trying to price out parts, I figured I can go with a refurb Optiplex 990 or Lenovo Core i7. I have even kicked around the idea of an HP Elite 8200. Looking to go with an i7 proc, 16G Ram and find a supported video card from this site. Recommendations on which machine I should lean towards?
  17. TheKey13

    Its about be finish.

    Hello I have fix all the issues with the build so far, ethernet works, audio and gpu works. Now i will run geekbench and hope you guys can help me out with options to make it run better. This build is focus for me to work. Music mostly and some video and design( photoshop, ilustrator etc)...
  18. Pi3tro22

    First Hackintosh Build Question

    (Sorry in advance for my bad english, but I'm Italian) Hi guys. I want to build my first hackintosh machine. I watched some post about buying advice, but my configuration has never been nominated in any post. I am undecided between two possible configuration: This is the first one...
  19. 20four80five

    CPU & Motherboard Upgrade

    I would like to upgrade my current CPU, Motherboard and Memory. I wanted to know if I have to do anything prior to swapping/upgrading parts, etc. I'm currently running macOS Sierra using Clover. Everything works perfectly. My current build: CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K (3.5GHZ overclocked to...
  20. shuvo586

    buying suggestion for Sierra/High Sierra ( budget $500-550 )

    Hello, I am a new user. I am planing to build a hackintosh. Please suggest me compatible components for build Sierra/High Sierra Hackintosh. My budget is around $500-550 with good motherboard and cpu . (Sorry for bad english ) Thank you.