1. artkorn

    UniBeast 9 for mojave have problems with the dark mode

    in the dark mode words are white on white background
  2. NatanielLOL

    Intel HD Graphics 4600 vram 7mb and graphic glitches.

    I need help with my hackintosh. When I installed my Mac OS X High Sierra with Clover I got problem with graphic bugs. When I loging in my screen flashing white bars for some sec. I was thinking that was normal. After that I went to "This Mac" info, and I saw Intel HD Graphics 4600 vram - 7MB (in...
  3. 1amBulletproof

    [Solved] No Analog Audio or Shutting-down

    Hi! This is my first time making a hackintosh and it has gone pretty well overall with a few bugs I'm hoping you call can help me debug. Problems: 1. Analog audio (i.e. when I plug my headphones into either the front or rear 3.5mm port) is not working nor is the computer appearing to recognize...
  4. psteimann

    High-Sierra is horrible

    -Problems detecting HDD's (SATA) exept USB-HDD's -Time-Machine is terribly slow -Additional-Update after going up to high-sierra does not install correctly -Can boot the System with USB only (Clover r4243) -I have no EFI-board, so i hd to find out that i have to add apfs.efi also into the...
  5. bakejohnson

    Kernel Panic : CPU : Please help. *updated*

    Anonymous UUID: 4778DA28-E44F-D10B-051E-E1889CFB9D6D Fri Aug 12 03:54:02 2016 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff7f875cb1f5): NVRM[0/1:0:0]: Read Error 0x00137310: CFG 0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0xffffffff, BAR0 0xd0000000 0xffffff81f5670000 0x0f0040a1, D3, P0/4 Backtrace (CPU...
  6. RvGPredator

    OSX 10.11.6 Too Many Problems...

    I just installed the last version of El Capitan on my personal computer, following the tutorial on this website and others. I'm having many problems, if you can help me, please comment below. My pc: MotherBoard: ASRock z87 pro 3 Processor: Intel core I5 4690k Graphic card: ASUS Geforce GTX 970...
  7. lateralaus

    CustoMac mATX Post installation tidy up and bugs

    Hi everyone I reinstalled Yosemite 10.10.4 on my mATX build yesterday morning. So far, some things have been a little buggy, such as: Booting up (error screen shown below) I had to restart four times this morning to reach the login screen. This seems to have worsened since I used MultiBeast...
  8. Throwstone

    Font smoothing broken on 10.10.4

    Wondering if anyone else has noticed this? Since updating to 10.10.4 I am having terrible font rendering issues. Exactly the same issues as what happened when Yosemite was first released. But I can't find any report of this online. I actually downgraded to Mavericks when Yosemite first came out-...
  9. Fixified

    Weird Graphics bug on installation screen

    Hello everyone, so i am having a weird bug happening to me when i try to install Mavericks on my laptop. Everything works just fine until i get to the Installation screen where the screen becomes glitchy so i cant really see whats going on, pictures below. If anyone knows how to fix this it...
  10. CookieCrumbs

    OS X Yosemite...

    Hi. Yesterday was WWDC 2014 and they featured IOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Is it possible to hackintosh with the new developer build of OS X Yosemite? Thanks.
  11. ilikecorn500

    HELP! Random Hackintosh bugs!

    Hello everyone. Every once in a while (it feels like at least twice a week now) my Hackintosh makes me want to rip off my head and throw it against the wall.:banghead: Well, not that bad. Anyway, the most prominent problem is the random freezes I get when I' doing typical things on my Hack. For...